Since we are often asked the same questions, please use this guide to answer any questions you may have before contacting us. Thanks! :)

Common Queries

I’m having trouble downloading [files]. What’s wrong?
Due to overwhelming popularity, direct downloads have limits in place. This is number of simultaneous connections in both individual connections. Each IP downloading from the raws and downloads sub-domains can make two connections. Whether you want to use both to make a single file go faster, or a separate file for each connection is up to you. If you don’t understand what that last sentence means, you should assume that you can only download one file at a time. I (Dan is typing this answer out) don’t like having to set limits, but as we’ve seen with big releases, leaving these sub-domains uncapped breaks through our network pipe, which causes any sort of connection of the server to be pending and show offline so to speak.

Following the take down of some musicals, will you release the subtitle-only files?
Unfortunately, no. Despite it being technically possible, the subtitles were made based off of the original online broadcasts from various streaming services in Japan and NOT the DVD releases. While we were hoping to eventually re-time and re-release videos with the DVD source, this is a very time consuming process that we have not made any headway on. When we get a take down notice from official sources, we must comply and cancel the ones that the notice effects. Even if we went and subbed them, we would have no means to guarantee that these would work with no issue, and are unable to offer support for the many ways in which one would create their own subtitled video.

The .torrent files aren’t downloading. How can I download using a torrent?
The site we use for torrent tracking and hosting of the .torrent files started to no longer be online as of late-August / early-September 2014 (it was up for a few times in this and went down again). Since this site can no longer be relied on, we are currently evaluating a massive switch-over to something else. We don’t have a solution yet, and therefore no time table on when people can get the .torrent files who don’t already have them. There will be a temporary solution in place for Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere upon completion, however this is more of a “band aid” and may or may not be part of the final solution.

No, this “band aid” will not be used on anything else in the meantime, so please don’t ask if any certain release can receive this treatment, as it will take away from our ability to quickly redo nearly 300 torrents.

I’m having trouble playing [file]. How can I view it?
If you are downloading any of our video releases, I recommend you use either VLC Player with the Combined Community Codec Pack installed, or Media Player Classic. I am a Windows user, so I’m not much help when it comes to troubleshooting playback issues on Macs – sorry!

All of our downloads are packaged in .rar or .zip format – you will need a program like 7-Zip or WinRAR to unpack them.

Can I use your scripts / raws / translations for [__________]?
Yes, but please link back to us – we want as many people as possible to be able to find the original source material, especially for unique scans we are providing, such as rare volumes of Nakayoshi magazine.

Will you please encode this release to be compatible with [format]?
Please submit a quote request for this type of service.

Why is it taking your group so long to make a translation for [________]?
The core staff all work full time jobs. Our free time for Miss Dream is limited. We do translations after all of our other work and home obligations are met, but we are still dedicated to maintaining this place. So long as you are patient, you will most likely eventually find a translation for whatever you are looking for.

Will your group please translate [non-Sailor Moon stuff]?
Yes! You can hire us for any anime/manga/video game/doujinshi project you have in mind.

Will your group please translate [specific musical / anime / pgsm episode] ahead of other stuff?
If you want a certain project to be given top priority you should commission us. :)

Hey I found a typo somewhere, will you fix it?
Please give specific information as to where it appears (either by page number, panel location, release name, time stamp of error, etc.) and we will fix it as soon as possible.

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