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Check out our Sailor Moon scanlation – our most well-known project!

Our Sailor Moon scanlations are concerned with being faithful to the original; you will find many translator’s notes and explanations of puns throughout the pages. We’ve spent years lovingly combing over our Sailor Moon scanlations to ensure accuracy, to give our audience the most authentic reading experience possible. Our Sailor Moon manga scanlation is an annotated version, using raws from the 14 book shinsoban print of the Japanese manga. We also feature translations of the short stories, including the Exam Battles, Ami’s First Love, Parallel Sailor Moon, The Lover of Princess Kaguya.

We also feature scanlations for the completed works of Naoko Takeuchi, featuring series such as: Codename: Sailor V, Chocolate Christmas, Miss Rain, The Cherry Project, Prism Time, Toki Meca, Maria, PQ Angels, Love Witch, and more.

You will need a freeware program like WinRAR or 7zip to unpack your downloads to your computer.

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2003 – 2004 reprint manga series for viewing or download
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Miss Dream is the only Sailor Moon site where you can download every manga release by Naoko Takeuchi. Many of our scanlations are of series that have been out-of-print for decades, or are of series that were only published in back issues of the popular Japanese shoujo manga magazine, “Nakayoshi”. They are difficult to find, and we are proud to host a complete library of Naoko’s entire canon.

Additionally, we also offer English translations for Sera Myu musical pamphlets, as well as photo books from the live action series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”. You can also find rare translations for the art book “The Materials Collection”. If you love 1990s shoujo manga and accurate translatios, this page is for you!

124 Responses to “Sailor Moon Scanlations”

  1. Leeloo

    One story that you really really really *HAVE* to publish is Prism Time’s “Mitsuki ~ Moon Glow”.
    It is pretty much the only story that isn’t available in english. And Naoko Fans are longing for it for years.

    Pleeeaaaseee… if you could please do it somehow, that would be just amazing!

  2. Audrey

    Just wanted to let you guys know that you’ve been doing an awesome job! I’m really glad megaupload’s shut down hasn’t shut *you* down! You’re pretty much the only way I get to enjoy SM now-a-days! I have to say, its aweomse to be able to read the full manga on my iphone. haha.

    • Elly

      Awww, thanks! Really glad you’re enjoying the manga here. I have always wanted a Kindle or Nook, just to see how the .pdfs I made came out, haha! :)

      • lydia

        i’m sooo excited to see you have these as pdf’s in a bulk download. i’ve been a fan of sailor moon for almost 13 years now but never been able to read the manga. i’ve never been able to get my hands on it. i only thought recently of trying to find scans of it and the web led me to you. i had started my own progress of making pdf’s of each book from downloads of scanlations i found elsewhere but it was proving tedious and time consuming. i use a free program called calibre to convert the pdf’s to be a good format for the kindle fire. i’ll let you know how they turn out! and THANK YOUUUU!

      • lydia

        so last night i was working on converting your pdfs for the kindle. when i loaded one it was pretty messed up. imagine whole chunks of each image missing or blacked out. i’m not sure what you made your pdfs with but i still want to read the manga! so i went back and started downloading the jpegs of each act. i used the images from each act to create pdfs (chunked together to make each book) with bridge. after converting it for kindle it works great!! i’ve made books 3 and 4 and plan to convert the rest. thank you again!!!

        • Elly

          Hey Lydia – since our files appear to be broken, and since I don’t own a Kindle…would you mind sharing the .pdfs you made with us here? I’d give you full credit for the file creation! Let me know, thanks!

  3. miss_p1nky

    You guys are AWESOME! Thank you for the hard work, the scanlations are all in HQ, though it’s a little bit on the big size. But beggars can’t be choosers, right! ;) GBU!

    • Elly

      I put them in really big so people can use them for, well, anything I guess! But here’s a trick to resize them all to something smaller if you need:

      1. Open Photoshop
      2. Open the Image Processor
      3. Select the directory your downloaded images are in.
      4. Select your re-size options (a nice one is 768 x 1200)
      5. Click “start”, and let the program resize everything for you!

      I think you can do this in programs besides Photoshop too, that’s just the one I own. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy! :)

      • Adrian

        Just a quick message saying that I am so THANKFUL you opted for larger more HQ scans. I have the retina display iPad and reading your manga scans look so gorgeous.

        • Elly

          Wow, COOL! I’m glad the scans look great on that device – I was worried 600 DPI scanning might be overkill, LOL!

  4. Fangirl

    Hi! Fantastic work you’ve done translating the SM and SV manga. The last scanlation group who I waited for finished translations never did finish which had been a huge blow. It’s great to finally be able to read the manga in its entirety with proper translations. ^_^

    I wanted to download the SV PDF file but the link is dead. Can you reupload the file?

    • MarioKnight

      Actually, it appears this link was not updated properly during the move. I’m sorry that we missed over it, thanks for letting us know! This has been fixed and now works. Enjoy! ^_^

    • Elly

      Sorry! I just noticed that it wasn’t migrated over when we changed servers. Unfortunately we no longer have these files.

      However, has an awesome section with Sailor Moon sheet music. You might have better luck there! :)

  5. Mabi

    I just want to say thank you. This website is amazing. It gave me a chance to enjoy one of the best mangas ever.
    Thank you.

  6. Mimi

    Hey guys, first of all: Thank you so much for your good work!! I’m a huge fan of this website. <3 <3 <3

    As many Naoko Takeuchi Fans I've been wondering if Toki Meca was ever completed. Different websites offer translations of the first Manga Volume (Chapter 1 to 4), chapter 5 and 6, and also a teaser story called "Toki Meka born".

    Is there a second Manga Volume (there was that suspicious cover sketch posted on sailor moon channel)?
    Did Naoko ever complete the story (wikipedia says she did)?
    And are you guys going to translate it? …i'll keep my fingers crossed.

    Sorry for all those questions, but I thought if there is someone who would know it must be the miss dream guys. ;-)

    • Elly

      I wish I had a definitive answer!

      I’ve translated the first book of Toki*Meca, and it says that volume two would be returning in 2006. However, I have been unable to locate a copy of volume 2 anywhere…or even find a place to purchase it online.

      I don’t know if Toki Meca was ever completed by Naoko Takeuchi. My feeling is that it wasn’t – after Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi hasn’t finished any of her new stories. I guess her two kids have been keeping her very busy.

      But I’ll keep investigating and let you know if I ever do find another book. If I do, it (along with its first volume) will definitely be released here. :)

      • Mimi

        Thank you. Yeah, that’s really weird, cause it seems like only two more chapters (added to the ones we already know) would have been enough to complete the story. And it seems like she has been working on a second volume… :-/

        Maybe we’re lucky and the Sailor Moon re-release will make people put the missing chapters online – if they exist.

  7. Yuzuki

    I don’t know how I just came across this, but this is amazing! Thank you, thank you! I have not ever read past the R arc in my (dating myself here) 15 years of being a fan. So an honest, heartfelt, thank you.

    I am having some troubles downloading the RARs, though. The downloads keep getting “interrupted” according to my Chrome browser. They seem to start fine, and then a few minutes in lose the connection. Should I just keep trying? Or is there a mirror option?

    Thank you though, so much!

    • Elly

      I would say keep trying! We’ve been having some weird server issues the past few days, but they seem to be cleared up now. I think you bring up a good idea though; having mirrors would definitely be helpful. :)

      I will look into locating a host for mirrors. And I’m so glad you like the site – the manga is my favorite favorite form of Sailor Moon and I’m really glad I’ve been able to share it with other fans :)

  8. rhia

    Just a side note. I could not extract the files from the “The Miss Dream Pretty Soldier Sailormoon COMPLETE Download Pack” in windows 7 as it would give me an error saying the resulting filepaths were too long. (Probably resulting from the fact that each chapter is in its own folder with a very long file name… the filepath is waaaay too long by the time you get to the last folder with the files in it.
    I got the same error trying to extract it with WinRAR as well. For now Im redownloading 4 hours worth of downloads using the Story Arc bulk packs.

    Might wanna think about shortening the file names in the future ^^;

    • Elly

      Try using 7zip as a file extractor. Windows 7 has an issue extracting our mega download pack, not sure why. 7zip is tested for Windows 7 and works every time. Good luck and let me know how it goes! :)

  9. Shenevie

    Awesome job! I was missing out on certain volumes of the manga as it was out of print but not anymore! Thanks!

  10. Plume

    Scanlations?!?! Oh bless you! I thought the only SM manga you could EVER find online was the Mixx magazine scans file. And ever since the “brilliant” English dub, I’m kind of wary of “official” translations made by Americans. Thank you, guys :-*

  11. Lauren

    Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication! Reading these has been so much fun. Sailor Moon was such a big part of my childhood. I used to wake up early before school to watch it and it’s great being able to read everything now.

  12. Nepy

    Just wanted to say that you guys are fantastic and I love you for all that you’ve done. Take all my money! All of it!

  13. Anne

    OMG I love you guys so much!! Sailormoon is my ultimate favourite manga.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work !!

    • Elly

      Scan them? Yes. Translate them? Doubtful, unless there are a lot of drastic dialogue changes.

  14. Bellpetal

    Thank you SOOOO much for doing all these scanlations! I have tried to find them elsewhere and this is the best site ever! :D

  15. Haya

    Hi thank you for your amazing work :) am wondering is it still working cause i can’t download the PDF files

    thank you

    • Elly

      Which specific link are you referring to? I just tested out a few of our .pdf downloads and they are all working fine for me. Thanks!

  16. Alan

    I have been looking everywhere for a decent Sailor Moon Manga Translation and then I found this site. When I read the first chapter I was hooked and it was like I was reading about Usagi’s escapades for the first time. I had read the Tokyopop version but was never really too thrilled with the translation. Then I read that part of the staff met at The State University of New York at Albany in the Japanese Studies Department and I was even more surprised. I am freshman this year at SUNY Albany and my major is Japanese Studies! It was so awesome to realize that some of the staff of this amazing site came from the program I’m currently in. I am only starting out, but I am encouraged to keep with it and fulfill my dream of teaching English over in Japan. Thank You for this wonderful site and for the inspiration.

    P.S. I also really like your PGSM fansubs as well. Finally a site I can rely on :)

    • Elly

      Oh wow – that’s incredible Alan!

      James and I both really miss our time at SUNY Albany. Who do you have for a Japanese teacher? I had Fukuma-sensei for 101-103, Kuwata-sensei (now retired) for 201-202, Mano-sensei for 301-302, and Fessler-sensei for the 400 sequence and 2kyuu prep course. And I took just about every single class with Professor Blum – who is still far and away the best teacher I ever had. Of course, Professor Eason is quite amazing too and I was lucky to have the opportunity to meet with him recently. I loved all of Professor DeBlasi’s classes too – most of the teachers in the EAS department are really amazing, stunning people who you can learn a lot from.

      I wish you good luck in your Japanese studies! If you work hard in SUNY Albany’s program and dedicate your free time to studying, you can go far. The faculty is wonderful and they are often willing to go above and beyond for their dedicated students. With hard work you can definitely reach your goal of teaching English in Japan! Many of the people I graduated with went on to become JET or have ended up working in Japan in other capacities. You can do it! :D

      • Alan

        Thank You So Much! Right now I have Kaya-sensei as a teacher, but I have some friends who have Fukushima-sensei. I have yet to meet some of the other teachers but I am sure I will meet them in the near future. I think now I have more incentive to go see them and talk to them prior to taking their courses. I am only taking a language course this semester, but for next semester I really want to take some of the heritage and culture classes. Some people have also recommended that I talk to Professor Eason about Japan House for next year. I didn’t even know if you would respond, so again Thank You. Good luck with your life as well and thank you for the awesome site. :)

        • Elly

          I’m glad you like the site! And ohh, Japan House! I was a sophomore when they first introduced that program. Never got the chance to do it myself – freshman year I was living on State Quad in the tower and sophomore year I was on Colonial Quad, also in the tower. All of my friends lived on Dutch quad and it was closer to the Humanities building where all my classes were anyway, so I was way bummed to hear at the end of my sophomore year that they were introducing Japan House – after I had already made arrangements to live off-campus! But oh, do tell Professor Eason I said hi! He’s a really great guy, and whip smart (even if his lectures do drone on sometimes…Japanese history classes with him in the mornings were brutal; I used to fall asleep!)

          Also, Kaya-sensei is so sweet! James was her student for years! I never had a class with her myself but she was always at the “extra help” sessions in the afternoons and she was very helpful and friendly.

          Anyway, it’s so cool that I’ve met someone from my alma matter through this website! Way cool! You know, I currently work across the street from campus on the weekends at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering building (CNSE); I’m usually there on Sundays! Maybe we can meet up at Stuyvesant and get a burrito at Chipotle or something one weekend!

          • Alan

            Yeah that sounds like a plan. I do not know the area too well yet, but I have been learning quite fast. If you are free one weekend just leave a message on the site, I come here pretty much everyday to read the manga and stories. I can easily get a ride to Stuyvesant if that is where you would like. It is so awesome to find someone from this University who has had success with their Japanese endeavors. Thanks once again. :)

          • Elly

            Next time I’m coming down to Albany for the weekend, I’ll shoot you an email Friday and we’ll work it out! If it’s easier for you, we can meet on campus instead – I haven’t walked around the quads in years! :D

            Glad to hear you visit here every day – totally makes all my work worthwhile! ^_^

  17. AnimangaFan

    I finally could read sailor v (i put the whole series on my iPad) and i totally loved it. The scanlations have great qua.ity of translaton and sharpness. I want to thank you guys for all this hard work and making many people happy, i’m gonna start on sailor moon now.

  18. renee

    hey there! I was looking for the sailor moon manga for a while now and could never find it where I live, so I was happy to find this site! Only thing is when I try to open or extract the files it never works! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m trying to read it using adobe reader, but I’ve only been doing that because I want to read it on my iPhone. Please help! Thank you!

    • MarioKnight

      Which file(s) is giving you issues? Are you saving the file on your computer first before transferring it to your iPhone? If you can give me a little more information, I can see what I can do to help.

  19. renee

    I’ve downloaded Vol 1 of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and that wasn’t opening on my computer. I then downloaded the complete PDF Pack and that wasn’t opening either. The file is saved on my computer. I haven’t even gotten around to opening it on my iPhone because of this reason. :(

    • MarioKnight

      Hmm, weird, it opened just find for me both in my browser and when I downloaded it and used Adobe Reader on my laptop. Is it just that file giving you issues or are the others having the same issue?

  20. David

    Hello there! First, I just wanted to join in with all of the other happy fans who are heaping their praises on this site and your marvelous translations of the Sailor Moon manga. It’s something that for years western fans have yearned for!

    What actually led me here was a google search of “why is ginzuishou left untranslated”. This took me a to a forum discussion about your scanlations and then here to the scanlations themselves.

    I fully support your translation of things like “ginzuishou”, “odango atama”, and “shitennou” – it always seemed rather silly (if not a tad pretentious) to leave those terms untranslated when they have simple English equivalents that convey the same concept.

    I feel the same with your decision to remove the honorifics (something I generally support in all manga/anime translations), however the one and only area I feel inclined to disagree with your translation decisions was in the choice to remove all usages of “Usako” and “Mamo-chan”. I suppose on one hand that if you’re going to remove honorifics, you should hold to that philosophy in all translation decisions…and yet, I couldn’t help but feel slightly heartbroken at seeing Usagi and Mamoru’s pet names for each other completely removed! ;-;

    Does it drastically change the context of their relationship in the story? No, I suppose not. It just seems like a cute aspect of their relationship (and Takeuchi’s original intention) was sadly altered. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way criticizing your work – translation is an art, not a science and as such, there are many different philosophies/approaches and none of them can easily be proven valid/invalid as much of it boils down to personal preference. And in general, I think your work was fantastic here – far superior to any “professional” translation of the story that the west has yet to see.

    My feelings on the “Usako issue” likely stem from biases due to my previous experiences with the series. I guess I just feel that their nicknames for each other were something special in their relationship and that they could have easily been explained with a footnote (similar to Makoto’s “rabbit on the moon” joke in Volume 2). But again, that’s just my opinion!

    Overall, thanks a ton for all the hard work you’ve put into these marvelous translations and I hope my comment here doesn’t come across as disrespectful!

    • John

      I agree too. I understand how they could’ve been hesitant keeping one honorific in but they could’ve just taken it off and leave it as Mamo. And with Usako just leave it alone like translators normally do with names and have just put a translator’s note explaining it.

    • Elly

      Hi David!

      Thank you so much for your compliments about my translation. I have always been disappointed in how American companies have handled Sailor Moon, and so it has been my goal for the last three years to try and do a good job by the series. So for me to hear I was successful with that, well – that makes my day. :)

      When I began my translation of the manga, I set myself up with some basic guidelines:

      1) Create a list of naming consistencies
      2) Create a list of item name / place name romanizations
      3) Translate all sound effects with understandable English equivalents
      4) Keep the “tone” of the characters dialogue intact
      5) Remove all honorifics and diminutives

      I think I got it about 90% right. There’s always room for improvement. :D

      My decision to remove the diminutives (-ko suffixes, shortened names, etc; basically, “pet names”) was something that I got a lot of push back on from my staff. You’re right; something is definitely lost in translation by removing the diminutives and restoring the names to their full length. I tried to make up for that loss by making the levels of closeness and sweetness apparent as much as possible. So for scenes where Mamoru would refer to Usagi as Usako, I’d have him use sweeter, cuter language, and make his language reflect how affectionate he is. In many places that’s enough to fill in the gap; in others it is less successful.

      The trouble with leaving in diminutives is the same as leaving in Japanese honorifics. Most English speaking audiences are going to have no clue what the -ko suffix indicates. So as a translator you are left with the uncomfortable choice of leaving everything as it appears in Japanese with no explanation to the audience (which I think is a bad decision), leaving the suffixes intact and including a TON of foot notes (after all, Japanese suffixes are about as complex as honorifics), or removing them altogether and reflecting the levels of affection or closeness in the line by other means. I opted for the third option, because I think it is more accessible to most readers.

      Regarding name truncations (ie: Mamoru -> Mamo) in almost all scenarios they are accompanied by suffixes such as -san, -chan, or -kun. Most commonly you’ll see one line bubbles that would be romanized as “Mamo-chan”. Dealing with that in English is really difficult, if not impossible without a paragraph of explanation detailing what that signifies in Japanese.

      My goal was to make Sailor Moon easy to read for the largest number of people, without having them understand the complexities of the Japanese honorifics, suffix, and diminutive systems. But as you mentioned, translation is an art and not a science, and my stylistic choices will not satisfy everybody’s palette. I am in the process of creating guides to Japanese honorifics and suffixes, as they are used in the Sailormoon meta-series. My hope is that the guide will be used as a primer for readers who want a deeper understanding of the original language used in the manga.

      I hope you’ll check it out – and I appreciate your feedback. I am thrilled you enjoyed my scanlation. :D

  21. Itsuki

    Thank you so much for everything you’ve posted on Sailor Moon!!!! It’s one of my favorite anime series and I’m really excited to finally get a chance to read both Sailor Moon and Codename Sailor V on their original formats. The quality of the scanlations is amazing and I can’t even tell they’re scanned images. And finally, a huge thanks for uploading the live action series, I’m so happy to fianlly watch it in HD (at least that’s how it shows on my computer). Keep up the good work.


  22. JustAnon

    Hi there! Well, I’m actually really thankful someone scanned the reprint SM manga and did a decent translation of it. But, I’ve downloaded some volumes and noticed some pages were a bit over-cropped, why is this?

    Thanks for your response.

    • Elly

      The scanner I was using back then had this awful auto-crop function which drove me insane. At some point I’ll fix the pages, I’ve just been really lazy. Sorry about that!

      • JustAnon

        D:, yeah that function is sometimes really unnecesary. Whatever, hope the pages get fixed soon :)


  23. moniq

    thank you soooooooooo much for everything…
    i love Sailor Moon (& Naoko Takeuchi of course) since i was 12,, and now i’m 22..
    i try to collect the DVD’s,, but then i found this site and i try to download all of series in this site..
    you make me wanna hug you,, and kiss you… hhahahaha..
    thank you veryveryveryveryvery much..
    (sorry, i’m bad in english)

  24. Nikki

    You think you can find those Naoko Takeuchi punch manga’s i thought they were really cute. Manga fox has a chapter but I think there’s more han one.

    • Elly

      There are more than 20, but you have to buy back issues of “Young You” magazine to find them – and that magazine is almost impossible to find. D:

  25. Sarah

    This website is wonderful, and I can now have my favourite book from the Sailor Moon series with me on my phone wherever I go. Yay!

    I would like to know, where is the picture of Serena and Neo-Queen Serenity from? I mean which book or chapter of the manga? The one on the Scanlations page?

    • Elly

      You know for someone who consistently comments here just to give us shit – you download quite a lot of our materials.
      I pulled your IP address from your user comments, and grabbed a log of what you’ve downloaded from Miss Dream within the last couple of weeks.

      Here’s a screenshot. Seems you enjoy our Sailor Moon Perfect Edition scans and Sera Myu translations despite all your whining!

  26. Anitten

    *Once more* You guys are just incredible. Running a fansite is no easy task, and specially when you scan and translate everything in such an amazing manner. I have no clue about japanese, but we should read each page from right to left, right? Haha. I have now each volume with their respective acts in PDF format and added them to my iPad, thanks to YOU. (actually I gathered volumes 9-12 in PDF myself but with your scans. They’re missing from your page. I mean, not independent PDFs for every act but for the complete volume. It’s not as perfect and I’m not sure if there are any mistakes in the order because I did it in a bit of a rush, but I’d love to share them with you if you wish!) Reading the mangas has been a dream since I was 9 years old, and I’m 27 now, and I have you lovely people at Missdream to thank for. I know I can trust your translations more than anywhere else online.
    On another note, I was wondering if you could translate the Art Books with huge scans of the books. Some other pages have already the beautiful scans and some other pages have loose translations which are fun to read, but it would be awesome to have them on PDF.
    Aaaanyways, much love from a lifelong colombian fan ♥ Best of luck with everything and keep on doing this wonderful job and keeping your passion for Sailor Moon alive!

    • Sailor Elsa

      Yes you do. but these books are in the library. they would be in teens section and probably with all the anime-ness.

  27. APpLe

    i stumbled upon this website out of boredom and an unexpected urge of craving more of my nostalgic memory of Naoko Takeuchi’s Miss Rain and (of course) all those pretty sailors ^^ and honestly, one word.

    double WOW!

    okay, not technically one word but, Double Double Wow.
    blessed be thy kind heart, Miss Dream.
    andSurprisingly, i did not know that there are A LOT more of Takeuchi-sama’s work that i havent read!

  28. Anna


    I love all of these scanlations so much (re-reading the Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga since the new SM anime has launched). However, I noticed in Sailor V book 1 on page 169, where there is a editor note on “miha” saying it means something like “slut” in Spanish, but that word basically means “little girl.” “Puta” is slut. I don’t know if anyone told you, so I figured I would just let you know.(:

    Thank you for all of the lovely manga!<3

  29. Megan

    Hi! I was wondering if you are working on translating the first visual book? I just got it today and it’s beautiful, but I wish I would read it. I love all of your work and this website is amazing! :)

    • Elly

      Hey Megan, a translation is in progress. It’s a long book so it’ll take quite some time before we’ll release an English edition. I’m glad you enjoy the site, thank you!

  30. Claudia

    Thank you so much love your website now i can read the manga and download it =). I have the manga of sailor moon but chix comics doesn’t go at all with sailor moon crystal.

  31. rina

    Im trying to download on mobile, but it won’t let me because the connection isn’t secured. Got any idea about what’s up?

    • MarioKnight

      Interesting. I had addressed a similar issue someone was having on desktops/laptops and fixed this earlier in the week. I don’t know why mobile would not operate in the same way, however I will look into this and have a solution in place over the next few days if not sooner. Thank you for the report.

  32. Risa

    Thank you very much for providing all these lovely scanlations of my favourite author!! I just love your website and I am glad it still exists!!!
    Keep this site alive please!! Unfortunately I don’t have the luck to buy the manga because it’s not available in my country.
    I really like Sailor Moon so one day I’ll buy the complete manga, of course I will try to support the author and her works.
    Do you happen to have the original official piano books? If you could get these, it would be really fun to be able to play some pieces!!!

    It’s a request from a very huge fan of Naoko Takeuchi that has no access to her mangas.

    Greetings from a very faithful fan <3

    • MarioKnight

      Thank you for the very kind words! =D We certainly plan to keep these online for as long as possible, and donating certainly helps as that goes directly to our monthly server bill. We do encourage supporting her works if they ever become available in your country, but will keep these up as it is sadly unlikely to happen outside of Sailor Moon and Sailor V. =(

      Unfortunately, we are not in possession of any of the piano books. They would definitely be a fun thing to share if we ever acquire any, I do agree. However, do keep an eye out on our updates either here or on social media. We are in the process of scanning and posting raws of Animedia and Animage magazines from the 1990s, where there’s bonus booklets in most of the issues. I recall seeing a couple of these being sheet music booklets, with Sailor Moon songs and songs from a number of other anime franchises in that time period. I’m sure you’ll enjoy! =D

  33. Maria

    Love your website and the scans and all! Just one thing: the plural of the German “Fanbuch” would actually be “Fanbücher”(or, if you don’t have an ü on your keyboard, “Fanbuecher” (don’t just write “Fanbucher”, that would be even more wrong than “Fanbuchs”)).

    Lots of love from Germany,

  34. Name!

    Hi there thanks for your hard work
    why can’t I download with IDM don’t you support download managers? please help me….

    • MarioKnight

      I am deleting your duplicate comments. As much as I don’t want to sound rude, leaving the same comment on multiple pages daily is just completely unnecessary. This is something we run when we have free time, where between full time jobs, additional work, school, kids, and other factors, there is little of this free time. We will answer questions when we can. The time spent making comments over many pages could have been spent looking at our FAQ which could help get you in the right direction. End rant.

      The first question on there addresses download limits (along with why they exist), and generally download managers make multiple simultaneous connections to help speed up the download (though in my opinion, the “speed boost” is minimal at best). So I would first check to see if your program is making multiple simultaneous connections and adjust if needed. If there’s any issues after that, then you would need to direct questions to the developers of the download manager. I don’t have any explicit blocks or allows in place for any programs, only the limits previously mentioned.

  35. sailor fan

    Hi Missdream
    your site is really amazing. thank you.
    I have a suggestion: could you please release sailor moon DVD/blueray covers and booklets please?
    thanks for responding.

  36. Niha

    Sorry to ask but how many of the Punch series did you translate? By the way, love your translations.

  37. Niha

    Could you make a post pointing out all the plot holes in the Sailor Moon manga an the possible way to fill the gap?

  38. BelieversInMagic (YouTube)

    Hello, I would like to during my summer time to translate the to first Act of Sailor Moon in Finnish Language. Can you advice me with where can I find non-subtitled manga version into which I could do the fansubbing? I would appriciate the help!

  39. Cyndi

    Hey Miss Dream, I was wondering if you’d ever be up to translating all of Naoko’s linear notes and Osabu comics? I know Tokyopop/Mixx did some of them (and shortened them greatly.)

  40. Darrick

    Miss Dream,
    I saw that you would be willing to translate all of Naoko’s linear notes and Osabu comics as a paid commission? I was wondering if you would be willing to translate the other volumes of the Sailor Moon Perfect Edition as a paid commission.

  41. Joe

    So I’m reading your first volume of Sailor Moon and I see you are trying to translate the newspaper article title about yen into dollars, but you seem to be a few magnitudes off in your conversion. 20 billion yen has never equaled 2 million dollars at any point in history. Even in 1991, the strongest the yen was against the dollar was around 124 yen to the dollar, which would make the 20 billion yen equivalent to just a bit over 160 million dollars, not 2 million.

  42. Gloom

    In 2000 I discovered Sailor Moon when it aired on Toonami. I watched DBZ, Card Captors and Rouroni Kenshin / Samurai X as well. I loved them. Sailor Moon staid with me ever since. I read the entire manga and now I am combing through the site. Thank you for working to achieve a complete collection of Naoko Takeuchi works. Back in Y2k I looked for sites like this one and didn’t find what I was looking for. I’m going to go back in and re-live the magic. I’ll read other works I haven’t read before as well. Really appreciate you putting Naoko Takeuchi’s work and features out there for the fans to access. Thank you.

  43. Chi

    Thank you for your amazing work here. You have no idea how much joy you and your team have brought me with the content here. I can drift back to my childhood self again, and I am sure everyone here appreciates your work.

    I just have a question, would be it possible for you to upload the artbooks scan in cbr format? That way it’s easier to view the double pages. No worries if you dont have the time.

    Thanks a million again!^.^


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