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Check out our Sailor Moon scanlation – our most well-known project!

Our Sailor Moon scanlations are concerned with being faithful to the original; you will find many translator’s notes and explanations of puns throughout the pages. We’ve spent years lovingly combing over our Sailor Moon scanlations to ensure accuracy, to give our audience the most authentic reading experience possible. Our Sailor Moon manga scanlation is an annotated version, using raws from the 14 book shinsoban print of the Japanese manga. We also feature translations of the short stories, including the Exam Battles, Ami’s First Love, Parallel Sailor Moon, The Lover of Princess Kaguya.

We also feature scanlations for the completed works of Naoko Takeuchi, featuring series such as: Codename: Sailor V, Chocolate Christmas, Miss Rain, The Cherry Project, Prism Time, Toki Meca, Maria, PQ Angels, Love Witch, and more.

You will need a freeware program like WinRAR or 7zip to unpack your downloads to your computer.

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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Perfect Edition Manga Scanlations Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon – Perfect Edition
2014 perfect edition manga series for viewing or download – in progress!
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Manga Scanlations Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
2003 – 2004 reprint manga series for viewing or download
Codename: Sailor V Manga Scanlations Codename: Sailor V
2003 reprint manga series for viewing or download
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live action scanlations Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Live action series books and more
Sera Myu Musical Scanlations Sera Myu
Phamplets and other musical related items
Miscellaneous Sailor Moon Anime Scanlations Sailor Moon Anime Merchandise
Random anime merchandise
Scanlations of other works by Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi Other works by Naoko Takeuchi
Other works written by the creator of Sailor Moon
German Sailor Fanbuch Scanlations German Sailor Fanbuch Scanlations
Scanlations of the German Sailor Fanbuch releases

Miss Dream is the only Sailor Moon site where you can download every manga release by Naoko Takeuchi. Many of our scanlations are of series that have been out-of-print for decades, or are of series that were only published in back issues of the popular Japanese shoujo manga magazine, “Nakayoshi”. They are difficult to find, and we are proud to host a complete library of Naoko’s entire canon.

Additionally, we also offer English translations for Sera Myu musical pamphlets, as well as photo books from the live action series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”. You can also find rare translations for the art book “The Materials Collection”. If you love 1990s shoujo manga and accurate translatios, this page is for you!

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