Honoo no Messenger

Re-translated by Sasha. NOTES: 1: possibly a play on Kannon, also known as Guanyin, the Boddhisatva of compassion.

Traditional the Grace ~ Ai no Arashi

Re-translated by Sasha. NOTES: 1: 藍 (indigo) and 愛 (love) are both read “ai”. The spelling used in the lyrics is purposely ambiguous because both are associated with Sailor Venus. I used “indigo” in this line since that’s a more common usage of “aiiro”, but keep in mind that this is a play on words… Read more »

Zigzag Slash

Re-translated by Sasha. NOTES: 1: the term “nekosogi” figuratively means “thoroughly”, but literally means “root and branch”, or “by the roots”, a play on Sailor Jupiter’s associations with trees. 2: there’s an adverb, but no verb. Based on the context, it’s pretty reasonable to assume that she’s talking about defeating evil.