Sailor Moon Animanga Books by Nakayoshi

These 33 galleries and downloads are of the complete Nakayoshi Sailor Moon “Animanga” series. Each book contains roughly 192 color pages, recapping 3 or 4 episodes of the animated series at a time. This publication never included books for the Stars series. Click on a book to get started, or use the bulk download torrent to download everything (or as much) as you want!

Sailor Moon Classic
Sailor Moon Volume 1
Sailor Moon Volume 2
Sailor Moon Volume 3
Sailor Moon Volume 4
Sailor Moon Volume 5
Sailor Moon Volume 6
Sailor Moon Volume 7
Sailor Moon Volume 8
Sailor Moon Volume 9
Sailor Moon Volume 10
Sailor Moon R
Sailor Moon R Volume 1
Sailor Moon R Volume 2
Sailor Moon R Volume 3
Sailor Moon R Volume 4
Sailor Moon R Volume 5
Sailor Moon R Volume 6
Sailor Moon R Volume 7
Sailor Moon R Volume 8
Sailor Moon R Volume 9
Sailor Moon R Movie
Sailor Moon S
Sailor Moon S Volume 1
Sailor Moon S Volume 2
Sailor Moon S Volume 3
Sailor Moon S Volume 4
Sailor Moon S Volume 5
Sailor Moon S Volume 6
Sailor Moon S Volume 7
Sailor Moon SuperS
Sailor Moon SuperS Volume 1
Sailor Moon SuperS Volume 2
Sailor Moon SuperS Volume 3
Sailor Moon SuperS Volume 4
Sailor Moon SuperS Volume 5
Sailor Moon SuperS Volume 6

19 Responses to “Sailor Moon Animanga Books by Nakayoshi”

  1. Benni

    Hey guys, love this collection! But the second R Animanga files cannot be extracted. I downloaded it twice. No change, though everything else worked just fine for me.

  2. Jeff

    Hello guys! I just wanted to inform you that parts of this series was released in Sweden in the late 1990s and in early 2000s. It included the classic and R season, but it was never completed and a whole lot of episodes were skipped. It was also mirrored to fit the western way of reading.

    • MarioKnight

      It is working fine, but there are currently no seeds. Due to recent bandwidth restrictions, I have seeding turned off from the server. I will have it back on as soon as I can, however I do not know when this will be at this time.

  3. Diana

    Good day! Miss Dream, you are our favorite. When do you plan to fix the link to download? We are looking forward to. Thank you.

    • MarioKnight

      Thank you for the kind words. Right now, download links can be spotty due to recent bandwidth limitations put on the server. As of this typing I don’t know when I will be able to resolve this issue with the network provider.

  4. Sailor Crystal Moon

    Hey guys, are you going to translate these? Maybe I could help by replacing the dialogues with anime subtitles. I’d especially like to do SuperS, my favourite season.

  5. Sailor Sedna

    Thank you so much for posting these scans online to download, I was thinking of buying them (I have some physical copies of the books), but you made it easier for fans like us to read them, thanks! :D

  6. oriharakaoru

    I’ve had about 60% of these for about 20 years, but moving my collection today made be really want to complete it. So I just made the very poor life choice of buying the remaining volumes on Amazon. /o\ Oh well, at lease they will look nice all in a row in order! lol (and unlike when I was a teenager, I actually have a job to support my bad habits haha)

  7. Nguyen Vo Ngoc-Son

    Thanks for your collection. I really love all of them. especially nakayoshi’s collection.

  8. Lauchi

    Hi! Thank you so much for share this collection!! I love it <3
    Can you please reseed the bulk download torrent ??
    Again, thank you very much!!! ^3^

    • MarioKnight

      Hi there! Thank you for your kind words! =) I’m showing that torrent has been seeded consistently for some time and is as I type this. Do you see any errors or is the server just not showing up as a seed/peer on your end? If this continues, please send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to work more closely with you in hopes of figuring out why you can’t download from the torrent.

  9. myler moss

    Hello, Huge fan of the site. I have keep reading all the translations and other works from naoko and i have found that the Sailor Moon and Sailor V Raw Japanese Manga have Take it down. Is theres a chance to sent me a link or torrent to download all the originals? THANK YOU.


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