Fall in Love With the New Moon – TV Size

Opening to Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3

Title: ニュームーンに恋して - TV size
Translated Title: Fall in Love With the New Moon - TV Size
Series: Sailor Moon Crystal
Writers: ティカ・α
Composers: やくしまるえつこ/山口元輝




Koi se yo otome hana no inochi ha hakanaku utsukushii
Naritaimono no nareru mahou kaketeageru
Yureru sono manazashi binetsu ga miseru maboroshi ha
kanashii hodo ni kanpeki na sekai, waraenaiyo
Konya nanika ga okiru yokan ga tobira tataku
Tukiakari ga kiete pareedo no hajimari ha nyuumuun
Kirakira hikaru sora niha fyuuchaa nukurumeita ryuuseigun
Tokimeki michiteiku kimi no inryoku ni kiduiteshimatta
Hajimari ha nyuumuun


Fall in love, the life of a maiden's flower is fleeting and beautiful
You can fill it with the magic to turn into whatever it wants to be
Vision wavers, as you see the illusions brought on by your fever
For all its sadness, this world is perfect, you can't sneer at it
Something is happening tonight, this premonition is knocking on the door
The moonlight disappears, the parade begins with a new moon
The shimmering sky is the future, a dazzling meteor shower
The throbbing of your heart makes it wax, as you realized your own gravity
The beginning is a new moon

7 Responses to “Fall in Love With the New Moon – TV Size”

  1. Argo

    I think why some people dont like it, is because the music is too mushy, not the song but the music, its too soft, unlike moon pride in which that song was powerful and the music was nice.

    • Padriac85

      Exactly, Argo.
      Both “Moon Pride” and “Moonlight Densetsu” were faster paced and more… Empowering. This song, lyrical-meaning aside, does not/can not do justice to the powerful and beautiful action-filled animation. If the animation were some soft montage of slowly flowing images, perhaps, but it is not.
      I actually can’t wait to hear the versions sung by MomoClo and the other gal. In truth, the song has grown on me, but I stand by my original opinion:
      This song belongs in the ending credits and Eternal Eternity deserves to be the actual opening.

      • applepie

        I like it. When you think how Toei screwed up with first two seasons, Fall in Love With the New Moon is like kind of promise of trying to fix things and bring BSSM on proper level of celebration as series that changed much

        That “other gal” is Horie Mitsuko – she was Galaxia in 90s series.


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