Mizusakiannainin no Game

Translated by Sasha.

Title: Mizusakiannainin no Game
Translated Title: The Pilot’s Game
Series: Eien Densetsu, Sera Myu


東南西北 だれがどこゆく
春夏秋冬 決めてあげるよ
敵の敵は味方 オイラを信じなさい
Are you ready? Are you ready?

東南西北 さてとおつぎは
春夏秋冬 どんどんいこうぜ

とっておきの スペシャルなぞなぞ

”すぐには想い出せない 思い出を


East, South, West, North, who will go where?
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, I’ll decide for you!
The enemy of an enemy is an ally, please believe me
Are you ready? Are you ready?

East, South, West, North, well then, next is...
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, let’s go quickly!

The game set aside for you is
A special mystery

“In 10 seconds, tell me a memory you can’t immediately remember!”

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