Yami no Hitsugi (Eien K)

Translated by Sasha.

Title: Yami no Hitsugi
Series: Eien Densetsu, Sera Myu


Queen of Darkness
Queen of Darkness
Queen of Darkness
死出の旅路急ぐ 髑髏が如し

暗黒の美しく力 知らしめた
わたしは 闇の女王 クイン・ベリル
Queen of Darkness  Queen of Darkness

支配の元にて 栄えしを
忌まわしき 月の光に灼かれ追われた
悲劇の 闇の女王 クイン・ベリル
Queen of Darkness  Queen of Darkness

人間どもの 心の闇なら
愛を奪われし 哀しみ故に
真の憎しみ おぼえし その時
わが心 闇となり
闇は わが柩となれり
闇は わが柩となれり

闇の支配者 闇の女王が
闇の柩に 横たわりて
亡骸のままに 生き永らえし
わか無念 だれにわかろうか


[Chi/Phi/Theta]Queen of Darkness,
Queen of Darkness,
Queen of Darkness
[Beryl]The seal of dark slumber
was undone; I witnessed this world
It becomes dirtier and dirtier, it gives off a rotten smell
Like a corpse, it hastens down the path to death

Once, I ruled with
All of the universe’s darkness in my hands
I made the beautiful power of darkness known
I am the queen of darkness, Queen Beryl
[Women]Queen of Darkness, Queen of Darkness

[Beryl]Once, the Earth
[Men]was under our clan’s rule; we were driven out
[Beryl]by the light of the moon, abhorrent to prosperity
[Men]The tragic [Women]queen of darkness, [Men]Queen Beryl
[Women]Queen of Darkness, [Men]Queen of Darkness

[Beryl]I am a queen who freely manipulates
the darkness of humans’ hearts, but
because of sorrow from a stolen love
I remember true hatred; at that time,
My heart became dark,
Darkness became my coffin
Darkness became my coffin

Ohhh! What am I saying!
The ruler of darkness, the queen of darkness
will lie in the coffin of darkness
that the inside of my heart becomes
I’ll continue living like a corpse
Does anyone understand my regret?

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