Another English Sailor Moon Raws Expansion

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! I know it’s a bit late, however it works perfectly in that this is a Monday Night Raws post! Today, we have another expansion of the raws section, with more English Sailor Moon raws being posted online!

North American Sailor Moon Dub Books
North American Sailor Moon Dub Books
We will start the update with various books based off of the Sailor Moon dub. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, different publishers obtained licenses to make books based off of the Sailor Moon franchise. Tokyopop had their Sailor Scout guides which doesn’t seem that odd, you might be surprised to hear that Scholastic actually had children books that followed some episodes. Another bit of a shocker is that Kodansha used to have a branch, Kodansha America Press, back then, and released a basic information book! See all of these in the new North American Sailor Moon Dub Books section.
Next up is a series of Role Playing books published by Guardians of Order. Created in the same vein as the popular series Dungeons and Dragons, Guardians of Order created table top RPG books for the North American dub version of Sailor Moon in the late 1990s. The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book became one of their top sellers, inspiring a separate volume for villains, and three smaller supplementary books for Knight, Dark Warrior, and Sailor Senshi characters. Enjoy all of these books in the new Sailor Moon Guardians of Order Role Playing Books section.
Sailor Moon Guardians of Order Role Playing Books
Sailor Moon Guardians of Order Role Playing Books
Sailor Moon Collectable Card Game
Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game
Lastly, we have scans of the cards from the Sailor Moon Collectible Card game. Back in 2000, Dart Flipcards Inc. had made a card game based off of the Sailor Moon franchise, with an expansion set releases in 2001. It contained events and characters from the first two seasons. A thank you goes to staff member Cyborgarmgun for scanner her collection to share with everyone in this Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game section online!

And that is all for tonight’s update! We hope you enjoy this massive English Sailor Moon raws expansion just as we enjoy bringing it to you. Coming up soon will be our final release of Sailor Moon: La Reconquista, with the last performance, higher quality source, a higher quality soundtrack compilation, and possibly more! We are packing as much as we can to make this a very special release to commemorate this first big addition to the franchise in nearly a decade! We certainly have more raws on the way in various forms, and more doujunshi in queue, and possibly other things that escape me currently. Until then, we hope you enjoy the new English Sailor Moon raws posted tonight, and everything else we have. See you next time! =D

5 Responses to “Another English Sailor Moon Raws Expansion”

  1. Misty

    Nice to see this stuff going online!

    I actually own that roleplay book. Found it used on Amazon. It’s pretty cool. Very detailed definitely.

    I used to play the Sailor Moon CCG years ago. I don’t think I was that good though, don’t remember. I lost my cards ages ago.

    About the Kodansha America book: they actually published a second one, called Sailor Moon: Friends and Foes. I own it if you would be interested in having scans from it. I got it used from Amazon too.

    I also own several, though not all, of the Dart Flipcards Sailor Moon Archival Trading Cards. Though made by the same company that released the CCG, they are different cards. Usually each pack of them comes with a card for the CCG (though typically I just get the “Sailor Moon Archive” CCG promo card, which I have like 5 of now). I would be willing to scan the cards too, and I know where I can get more to attempt to complete the set.


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