Momoiro Clover Z – Moon Pride Youtube Rip

Happy Sailor Moon Saturday! Today I bring you a little goodie off Momoiro Clover Z’s official Youtube! Ripped in 1080p, the Moon Pride PV!

Direct Download | Torrent

The PV has several Sailor Moon Crystal scenes that could be considered spoilers! So be aware!

Remember, Momoiro Clover Z’s official Blu-ray comes with the music video as well, so if you’d like a rip of it, as well as maybe a rip of the CD single, consider donating so we can afford it :D

14 Responses to “Momoiro Clover Z – Moon Pride Youtube Rip”

  1. John Summers

    Thank U SO MUCH, Miss Dream!!!!!!!
    I’m sure Moonies all over the world will be very glad to download this super awesome music video ;)

  2. Argocub


    Hope we get a translation of the song soon!

    • MarioKnight

      Actually to make more translated content on the site for people to enjoy a subtitled version that is not being done. Though that donation bar each month goes directly to our server bill.

  3. Padriac85

    Why encourage people to illegally download a rip of the cd?
    How about simply sharing the links to stores, as you’ve done with other things?
    Things cost money for a reason. These aren’t even terribly expensive things.
    I don’t understand people’s such blazen attitudes about pirating things… I just don’t.

    • MarioKnight

      Well we would be making a sub if we did anything with it at all as we have with almost everything else that we have hosted here. And you apparently failed to notice that there is a link to the Blu-Ray pre-order page on CDJapan in this post, as well as on our Sailor Moon Crystal page, which also contains links and information for the entirety of Japan’s BR/DVD release. So I fail to see what the problem is now since we haven’t done anything different.

    • Mishi

      This Youtube video is essentially a commercial promoting the album. It’s freely available to play so how is that piracy? It’s something they put up specifically for people to see for free.

    • Micaela

      Not every people can pay even if it s not expensive for you. I live in a poor country so I have to multiply that cost for 3 or 4, and I don’t own a credit card so, even if I have the money I can pay it. Don’t you think is unfair that I can’t access to a book, or a video just because where I was born?

  4. JRiVe

    It would be wonderful if you could subtitle the whole song (and without the error of swapping Jupiter and Venus’s sentences from the official translation…) now that this video is released.

  5. Margi

    Thank you so much! All the ones on youtube got taken down for ‘copyright violation’. Stupid Toei…more people watching your music video= more people interested in your show/products.

  6. Foulicouli

    OMG Thank you sooooo much !!! While all videos on youtube were removed, I looked desperately for the video clip… <3
    This video is so beautiful… I'm falling in love again with this manga ^^
    I have the song, and the video. Now I have to find the opening ;)


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