Final Week of Mermaid Panic…for now, and Crystal Videos

I hope you had a great Easter weekend, Dreamers! This week’s update finishes our series of the never-before-scanlated Mermaid Panic releases, with the release of the first volume’s afterward! Plus, Sailor Moon Crystal Season III videos, with the clean opening, closing, and a preview!

This week’s uploads

Mermaid Panic - Volume 1 Afterward
Mermaid Panic
Volume 1 Afterward

Sailor Moon Crystal Season III Preview

Over the past weekend, there was a Sailor Moon Crystal panel from Anime Japan, with guests Kotono Mitsuishi, Junko Minagawa, Sayaka Ohara, Yukiyo Fujii (VAs of Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn respectively), and the new series director, Chiaki Kon. After the discussed various topics including the new art style, and how the new cast felt about working alongside Kotono and the rest. What’s interesting is what they showed. And below is the official clean opening and closing for season 3, alongside the clip of what to expect.

OPENING: “In Love With the New Moon” by Etsuko Yakushimaru

CLOSING: “Eternal Eternity” by Junko Minagawa & Sayaka Ohara

SNEAK PEEK OF SEASON 3 (From the Official Sailor Moon Youtube channel)

ANOTHER SEAK PEEK OF SEASON 3 (From their AnimeJapan panel)

NOTE: Skip to 1:31, to see the scenes. Around 5:54, Kotono dropped something, and the camera backed out to see what was going on, during the Haruka x Michiru scene.
This was from Moetron’s Youtube channel. Thanks to Moetron for this! :D

Also, we heard from AnimeNewsNetwork, that this season will have 13 episodes. The manga covers 12 chapters of this arc (Acts 27 thru 38), meaning only one chapter will be split into two episodes, while the rest will be like seasons 1 and 2, with the episode covering a manga chapter.

As for streaming rights, we have not heard from either Crunchyroll and/or Viz Media, if they’ll stream this season. Viz’s rep, Charlene Ingram, and a rep from Crunchyroll, are in Japan, and we should be hearing news from them soon.

For now, all we can do is wait. Hope for good news, Dreamers!


We hope you enjoyed these uploads and news bits, and hope you’ll stay tuned for next week’s update.♥ By the way, we do ask that you all donate, not only to keep the server running, but to maybe give Miss Dream a good year! Also, we have expanded our hire us page to a whole separate entity, Fandom Services, so be sure to check that out as well! And, bookmark, for updates on the upcoming Masquerade Ball in 2017! See you next time!

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