Final Doujin-Mania, plus AX news, and Comparisons for Season 3?

Hope you had a great 4th of July/Anime Expo weekend, Dreamers!

This week’s update features the last set of doujin uploads from our generous donor, dawnlight6, including an adult doujin! Also, are there episodes to compare for Sailor Moon Crystal, season 3?

Let’s get to them!

This week’s doujin uploads

Hito Natsu No Vacances
Hito Natsu No Vacances
Violet Blue (18+ Only)
Violet Blue (18+ Only)
Yume Miru Koro Wo Sugite Mo
Yume Miru Koro Wo Sugite Mo

Sailor Moon Crystal Season III Comparisons (?)

With the first box set for the third season released, I, as usual, go through each episode for any changes from when it aired to it’s home video version. At this time, Act 27, Parts 1 & 2, have no changes. Like last week, I’ll take my time on these, before the next home video release in less than a month.

Sailor Moon’s Usagi & Chibi-usa Birthday Event News

Last week’s event had some moments with Kotono Mitsuishi and Misato Fukuen, including some interesting bits where the interviewer asked about the old, DiC dub names…yep. They even went as far as to talk about the dub’s usage of “Meatball Head”, which Kotono had a fun time talking about. Anyway, from the event, we heard that a 20th Anniversary Book has been announced! The book will be a guide book including coverage of the Sailor Moon Exhibition in Roppongi, a merchandise guide, and interviews with people involved with the new anime and musicals. A release date is forthcoming.

We’ll have a fansub of the full event real soon! So, keep checking our site, twitter or facebook page, to know when it will come.

AnimeExpo news!

At AnimeExpo’s Sailor Moon Panel, Viz Media announced that Sailor Moon S, Part 1, is coming out on November 15th, to DVD & BluRay! The set looks like this:
Pre-orders for this are now up at RightStuf! Just click on the link HERE, to go to it and make your preorder! The coin, that comes with the set, is limited release, and it will be gone fast!


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