Nogizaka 46 Sailor Moon Musical Announced! Sailor Moon Eternal Update from AX 2019!

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Today’s update features two pieces of news, one about the musical set for later this year, and Sailor Moon Eternal news that came out of Anime Expo 2019.

Nogizaka46 Sailor Moon Returns

First reported on the official Sailor Moon site, the Nogizaka46 Sailor Moon musicals make a return this year, but with only one team this time. Last year, the idol group’s Sailor Moon musicals were split into two teams: Team Star and Team Moon. While the story of the Dark Kingdom will be the same, parts of the previous Nogizaka 46 musicals will change for this one. Here’s the new cast of the main 5 senshi:

  • Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino – Shiori Kubo
  • Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno – Hazuki Mukai
  • Sailor Mars/Rei Hino – Seira Hayakawa
  • Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino – Jun’na Itô
  • Sailor Venus/Minako Aino – Mayu Tamura

Supporting cast features the returning talents of:

  • Naru Osaka – Yuka Yamauchi
  • Umino Gurio – Marina Tanoue
  • Luna – Misato Matsumoto (from Team Star)

The returning Dark Kingdom cast:

  • Kunzite – Chihiro Ando
  • Zoisite – Sari Kojima
  • Nephrite – Shin
  • Jadeite – Reina Takeda
  • Queen Beryl – Tamaki Nami

And of course, we can’t forget the returning caped hero:

  • Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba – Mikako Ishii

The musical will be directed by Wally Kinoshita, and performances will start on October, 2019.


Special thanks to @Stefani_Msp for translating the cast.

Sailor Moon Eternal has an official International Name…and it’s much longer. Both movies will be releasing in 2020!

This is an update from last week, regarding the announcement of Sailor Moon Eternal. as we can confirm the international title for the two-parter movies, shown at Anime Expo 2019′s Kodansha Sailor Moon panel.

Thanks to @mikey186_ for this!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season IV: Eternal: The Movie, Parts 1 & 2, will both be in Japan theaters in 2020, with international releases in the near future.

While it was known that Eternal will continue the Crystal series, replacing the Crystal name from the official title was a questionable decision at the start. The reason for the title extension was told at the panel. Sailor Moon Crystal wasn’t well-received in Japan, thus the Crystal name was dropped from future projects there. However, the international audience had a much better outcome of the current rebooted series, so the Crystal name was kept as an English international title. It’s safe that the Crystal name will be part of the title, but the logo and “Season IV” are smaller and off to the side. Much more to the fact that This “season” is two feature-length films, covering the entire Dream arc.
PERSONAL THOUGHT: I think many fans will call this two-parter movies as a shorter name: Sailor Moon Crystal Season IV: Eternal or Sailor Moon Crystal: Eternal. Others will still refer this as Sailor Moon Eternal, due to its long name, and it’s okay. We called it Sailor Moon Crystal, omitting the Pretty Guardian part anyways. :P

Special thanks to @mikey186_ for this Anime Expo news and screenshots like below!


What did you think about the new musical and English title for the upcoming movies? Let us know in the comments!

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EDIT 7/7/19 – 8:17pm CDT – Confirming the reasoning for re-adding the Crystal name for the movies.

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