Sailor Moon Kodansha Release Vol. 1 Errors

Written by Misty of Myu Corner

The following are errors that I found in the first printing of Volume 1 of Kodansha USA’s English release of the Sailor Moon manga. They are divided into sections for writing errors (presented in a table), possible issues on multiple pages, honorific issues, inconsistencies/continuity errors, and miscellaneous errors (presented as bulleted lists).

I am not in any way affiliated with Kodansha USA, Del Rey, William Flanagan, or any other person or entity involved in the translation, production, or publication of the volume critiqued here. I also do not mean these critiques as libel in any way, shape, or form, and hope that the persons and entities involved in the translation, production, or publication of the volume critiqued here will not take it as such.

Writing Errors

(Awkward writing, grammar & syntax errors, etc)

Possible Replacement Mixx Translation Miss Dream translation
“I admit it myself…I’m a bit of a crybaby.”

(p. 7)

“I’ll admit it…I’m a bit of a crybaby.”
or something similar
“I’m kind of a crybaby I admit it…” “Even though I don’t like to admit it, I am a bit of a crybaby.”
“I’ve got no time to be doing this!”

(p. 9)


“I don’t have time for this!”

or something similar

“I’m busted again.” “I don’t have time for this right now!”
“Oh honestly! Forcing a delicate young lady to stand in the hall!”

(p. 10)


Pointed out by Brad/Moonkitty

“Aw man! Making a girl like me stand in the hall!”

or something similar

“I’m sorry. See, there was this poor old kitty in the street…”

(completely different dialogue)

“This sucks, how could she make a sweet and darling girl like me stand in the hall like this?”
“It’s your attitude that makes you get grades like this!”

(p. 11)


“This is why you get such bad grades!”

or something similar

“See! If you were more serious about school, you wouldn’t get such lousy grades!” “It’s because of shenanigans like this that you end up getting terrible exam scores like this one right here!!”
“…we’ve been having a huge sale ever since yesterday!”

(p. 13)


“…we’ve been having a huge sale since yesterday!” “My mom’s store is having a huge sale.” “We actually began a huge sale yesterday”
“Usagi? You’re coming home late, aren’t you?”

(p. 20)

“Usagi? You’re home late, aren’t you?” “You’re home late today, honey.” “WOW Usagi, you sure are coming home late!”
“And I’ll just take the real jewels for myself!”

(p. 23)


“I’ll just take the real jewels for myself!” “Now, I’ll just grab this real jewelry…” “Now I will take all the real gems too”
“Aww…I’m worn out from all the crying.”

(p. 24)

“Aww…I’m worn out from all this crying.” “Wow all that crying wore me out.” “I’ve been crying so long, I’m so exhausted.”
“The punk kids in this area are very bad, playing pranks like that.”

(p. 27)

Not sure what is meant by “punk kids,” but rest of sentence might be ok. “There are so many punk kids in this area…it’s been horrible.” “The kids around here sure are bratty! Their stupid prank really put me in a pinch.”
“A pretty broach!”

(p. 28)

“Luna! The broach is shining!”

(p. 29)

Spelling error. Should be “brooch.” Spelled “brooch” correctly. Spelled “brooch” correctly.
“…Usagi-chan, you’ve been chosen as the guardian”

(p. 29)

Since there are eventually multiple “guardians,” probably should be “a guardian” not “the guardian” “You are the chosen warrior.” “Usagi, you have been chosen to be a soldier!”
“You get away from Naru-chan!”

(p. 34)


Not sure the “you” is necessary, could be reworked as “Get away from Naru-chan!” or “Hey you! Get away from Naru-chan!” “You ugly witch!” “Get your grubby hands off of Naru this instant!”
“She turned to sand and vanished?!”

(p. 40)

Should be “into sand” “No way! I turned that witch into sand!” “No way! Did she just turn into dust?!”
“I’m a normal, cute, bit of a crybaby, young girl”

(p. 49)

“I’m a normal, cute young girl but a bit of a crybaby.”

Or something similar

“I guess I cry easily, but I’m a regular, cute girl!” “I’m a bit of a crybaby, but otherwise I’m an average, super
c-u-t-e girl!”
“Honestly! I just can’t believe it!”

(p. 50)

As Brad/Moonkitty pointed out, it might sound very “posh” of Usagi to say “Honestly!” The “I just can’t believe it!” might be ok. “At least I was…”

(replaces this line and the one before it)

“Or at least, that’s what I was.”
“The only thing I’m good for is studying.”

(p. 59)

Caught by Joanna (in comments below)

Should probably be “The only thing I’m good at is studying.” It depends on what idea they’re going for here – having Ami say studying is the only thing she excels at (which would be “I’m good at”) or having her that without studying, she’s worthless (which would be “I’m good for”). “I’ve got to study hard” “I’ve got to stay on top of my studies”
“Everyone is aiming for you, so keep upping the ante on your study level.”

(p. 60)

(also flashback on p. 63)

“Aiming for you” should be something like “aiming for your level” or something like that. “Aiming for you” sounds like someone wants to aim a gun or something at Ami! “Everyone’s trying to catch you, so keep raising your level.” “Everyone is trying to catch up to you, but the truth is you are on a level of your own, you are far above them”
“Where’s Ami-chan!”

(p. 72)

Exclamation point should be a question mark, or it should be “Ami-chan?!” “You’re right…where’s Amy?” “Oh yeah, I’ve got to help Ami!”
“Farewell, Mii-chan.”

(p. 84)


“Farewell” may be meant to be a more literal translation of sayonara, and since Rei’s kinda classy, it might be all right. Still, it sounds odd in this instance in English. “Goodbye” might be better. “Goodbye, Mimi!” “Goodbye, Mii!”
“One of you heathens who would bring evil calamity even to a sacred shrine?!”

(p. 93)

Could be reworded; it sounds awkward. “I won’t let you invade this sacred temple!” “I won’t forgive you, evil spirit, for coming to my shrine to attempt to bring ruin to it!”
“…and a servant of the Gods.”

(p. 96)

Should probably be “gods,” since “God” typically refers to the Christian God in Western thought. “…and a priestess…” “and she’s a servant of the gods.”
“Bun-head, we meet up a lot, huh?”

(p. 100)

“Bun-head” should probably be moved to the end of the sentence. Or it could be “We sure meet up a lot, don’t we, Bun-head?” or something like that (though it would likely be something more posh, knowing Mamoru) “Stop shrieking, Miss Pig-tails!”

(takes the place of the whole bit of dialogue here)

“We sure do seem to run into each other an awful lot.”
“Fire Fortune Rite”

(p. 106)

I’m pretty sure Rei means “fortune-telling rite.” “I saw him through ESP…” “He’s the person whose face I saw in the flames…”
“Because my duty is to protect passengers’ safety” (p. 108) “Because my duty is to protect the passengers’ safety” “It’s my role to protect the passengers!” “Because it is the duty of a stewardess to ensure that all passengers have a safe trip!!”
“We’re going to have to hope for some luck!”

(p. 117)

“We’re going to have to hope we get lucky!”

Or something similar

“It’s our only hope!” “All of our hopes are depending on you using it now!”
“The fire is forcing distortions on the dimension!”

(p. 119)

“The fire is causing distortions in the dimension!”

Or something similar

“The flames are causing a tremor!” “It looks like the alternate dimension has caught fire, and in distress is now breaking apart!!”
“Princess D, the heir apparent to be queen of the Jewel Capital of the World, The Kingdom of D”

(headline, p. 125)

“Princess D, the heir apparent of the Kingdom of D, the Jewel Capital of the World”

Or something similar

“Princess D arrives from D-Land” “Princess of the D Kingdom, a Kin[g]dom of Jewels…”
“I already found two of my allies!”

(p. 130)

Should be “I’ve already found two of my allies!” “They’re my fellow Sailor Scouts!” “These two are the allies I’ve found so far.”
“The sacred stone, the ‘Legendary Silver Crystal’” (p. 132) “The ‘Legendary Silver Crystal,’ a sacred stone”

Or something similar

“The Silver Imperium Crystal” “The ‘Silver Crystal’ is a holy gem”
“At precisely this moment…I was just hoping that I’d meet you again.” (Usagi)

“The same for me.” (Tuxedo Mask)


(also flashback p. 159)

The first clause of Usagi’s line is kind of redundant, unless the “just” was taken out of the main sentence. Tuxedo Mask’s reply is oddly worded and could be “Same here” or something like that. “Just now…I was thinking that I wanted to see you.”

“Me, too…”

“You know, I was just thinking about you, and how much I wanted to see you…”

“So was I”

“I’m full of anticipation for tonight’s main event: the revelation of D’s secret treasure, aren’t you?”

“This chance won’t come again. I wish they’d get to it now.”

(p. 145)

Both these sentences could be simplified. The first could be “I can’t wait for the main event. How about you?” and the second could be “I wish they’d get on with it.” (The sentence about the chance isn’t really needed). “I can’t wait to see the D-Land treasure!”

“It’s such a rare opportunity!”

“I’m having so much fun. And tonight’s the main event! We get to see the treasure of the D Kingdom!”

“There’ll never be another chance like this again! I want to see it already!”

“The feeling.”

(p. 160)

Given the sentence that follows it (“It feels a bit nostalgic”), it should probably be “this feeling” “This feels…” “This feeling”
“Is this the coming of a storm?”

(p. 163)


Not sure what would replace it, but the sentence seems a little odd for Mako-chan. “A storm has begun…” “Looks like a storm is headed this way”
“Somebody is calling for me. But the fog is so thick…that I can’t see!”

(p. 165)

(“calling for me” also on p. 234)

“Somebody is calling me. But the fog is so thick…that I can’t see who it is!” “Somebody’s calling me. But this fog…I can’t see!” “Somebody is calling out to me…The fog is so thick I can’t make anything out”
“You know, you should live your life a bit more nervously.” (Luna)

“Nervously? What’s that supposed to mean?” (Usagi)

(p. 166)

Should most likely be “seriously.” This error was pointed out initially by Brad/Moonkitty and people made a bit of a meme of “living nervously” on Twitter. “Bunny, you should live your life with more voracity.”


Voracity means “[the act of] craving or consuming large quantities of food; exceedingly eager or avid” []. The first definition already kinda fits Usagi, ne?

“You know Usagi, you should worry a little more about the course your life is taking”

“Worry? What’s that?”

“I’m the weirdo, right?”

“I’m just weird.”

(p. 167)

She’s talking about her heart racing when she hears Tuxedo Mask’s name. The phrases about her being “weird” sound, well, weird, in that context. “Just hearing his name makes my heart pound…”

No equivalent for second line

“I’m so weird.”

No equivalent for second line

“The Pretty Guardian of Love of Justice in a Sailor Suit will punish you in the name of the Moon!!”

(p. 187)

Probably should be “The Pretty Guardian of Love Justice in a Sailor Suit, Sailor Moon, will punish you in the name of the Moon!!” or something similar. The lack of Usagi’s senshi name in this phrase is what makes it awkward. “On behalf of the moon, you’re punished!!” “I am the sailor suited pretty soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon! And in the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!”
“These high-heeled legs will deliver your punishment!”

(p. 188)

Others have pointed out that with this translation it’s hard to know what the “high-heeled legs” refer to, but I think the art helps: the tail of the dialogue balloon for this line conveniently points to Sailor Mars’s legs. “I’ll punish you in high heels!” “With my high heels, I will punish you!”
“I’ll let you know about a woman’s pure feelings with raw strength!”

(p. 188)

“I’ll show you a woman’s pure feelings with raw strength!” “You think you can mess with a girl’s heart?!” “I’ll show you the power an innocent girl like me has!!”
“We don’t have the luxury of the time it takes to cry over a man.”

(p. 194)

“We don’t have the time to cry over a man.” “There’s no time to cry over boys.” “And now, you don’t have time to be moping over some guy.”
“His uniform is for that really advanced Moto Azabu High that has a test score of 90!”

(p. 205)

Not sure what Ami means by “that has a test score of 90” here, so I don’t know what to suggest. It just sounds weird. “Wow…He goes to that super-elite prep school!” “Wow, he’s wearing the Moto Azabu Prep School uniform, they’re a really elite school that only accept the top .01% academically.”
“…the princess in whose veins flows the blood of the Moon’s royalty”

(p. 211)

“A princess who has the blood of the Moon’s royalty?”

(p. 212)

“…a/the princess of the Moon’s royal line”

Or something similar

“and the Moon Princess”

“The Moon Princess?!”

“And the Princess of the Moon Kingdom”

“The Princess of the Moon Kingdom?”

“And this princess…is royalty…of the Moon?”

(p. 213)

“And this princess is from the Moon too?”

(Usagi’s previous line was “That means…Luna…that you…come from the Moon?”)

Or something similar

“And the princess…is the Moon Princess…?” “And this Princess we’ve got to find, she’s the princess of the Moon Kingdom?”
“But Usagi-chan!”

(p. 216)

Take out the word “but” “Bunny’s buying it though.” “Anyway, that’s enough TV, Usagi, you already watch too much.”
“Those eyes, like I could I could be sucked right into them…”

(p. 226)

“Those eyes, I feel like I could I be sucked right into them…” “His eyes…all-knowing, strangely familiar, I feel myself drawn…” “His eyes seem like he knows everything, I feel like I’ve seen them before.”
“Take everybody…and give them back their lives…!!”

(p. 231)

“Save everybody…give them back their lives…!!” “Bring everyone…back to life!!” “Bring everyone back to life! Help them!”
“You used too much power?”

(p. 232)

“You used too much power.”

(Should be a period in order for the next sentence, “But well done…Sailor Moon” to make sense).

“You used all your power…” “You must have used too much of your power…”
“Who’s is it?”

(p. 234)

Grammar error. Should be “Whose is it?” “…whose is it?” “whose is it?”
“…I mean he’s always rescuing me.”

(p. 235)

Needs a comma: “I mean, he’s always rescuing me.” “…He’s always helping me.” “He’s always been there to help me”

Possible Issues on Several Pages

  • Awkward writing:  “dummy” a bit overused and could be replaced by another word, also “You’re kidding” is used a lot and could probably be replaced with something like “No way!”.
  • Inconsistency:  In Usagi’s first transformation on p. 30, she says “Moon Prism Power! Make Up!” but on other pages the “up” part is written with extra u’s, though this may just be Usagi dragging out the vowel for emphasis.
  • Inconsistency:  Throughout Act 2, the coursework used by the Crystal Seminar is said to be on “disks,” but they’re clearly shown in the art to be CD-ROMs. It’s possible that’s it a spelling error and was meant to be “discs,” but if so, it’s a pretty pervasive spelling error. Either that or Naoko-san updated the art to be CD-ROMs in the renewal version (since in episode 8 of the anime and assumedly the original manga run, they were indeed floppy disks) but didn’t update the dialogue.
  • As Brad/Moonkitty has pointed out, the “Haruna/Haruda” pun that appears several times in the manga, while it makes sense in the original Japanese, doesn’t make any sense in English. No explanation of the pun is given in the translation notes either. (TokyoPop instead nicknamed Haruna “Miss H”). It is strange that they left that pun in without explanation, considering they left out the “princess”/”pudding” pun (“purincesu”/”purin”) from p. 51, stating in the translation notes that the words “don’t sound all that similar in English.” (They instead attempted to create a reasonable English equivalent with “princess” and “Royal chocolate”).
  • Page 121 and others – “Four Kings of Heaven”:  Technically, the translation of the Japanese word for the Dark Kingdom generals, Shitennou, is “Four Heavenly Kings.” No explanation is given for why it’s translated “Four Kings of Heaven” in this translation.
    • Correction: sassypants678 has pointed out to me that the correct translation of “Shitennou” is actually “four generals,” the way it was translated in the English dub. So apparently both me and William Flanagan (the translator of the Kodansha version) are wrong.

Honorific Issues (Oddly Used, Not Needed)

    • This whole volume could have benefited from an honorifics guide like the one included in Del Rey mangas. It would’ve made the honorifics that were left in make much more sense to the average reader.
    • “That kitty-chan” and “crescent-shaped-bald spot kitty-chan” (p. 25):  “-chan” not needed
    • “Oh, crescent bald-spot-chan, dinner isn’t ready yet” (p. 49):  “-chan” not needed
    • “Princess-sama” (p. 51)Pointed out by Brad/Moonkitty; “-sama” not needed
    • “Ms. Genius” (several pages in Act 2):  A random use of an English honorific in a manga mostly filled with Japanese ones. Not sure what to replace it with, maybe “genius girl”?
    • “Old-Man Hino” (p. 95):  Probably Hino-ojiisan in the original. Not sure whether “Old-Man Hino” is the best translation of that, though since it is used by people who may not know Rei’s grandfather very well, it may be acceptable.
    • “A Miko-san, huh?” (p. 103):  the “-san” is not needed in English.
    • “Sailor Moon-chan” (p. 125):  “-chan” not needed really, though it may be included just to be cute (people call Sailor V “V-chan”).
    • “Usagi-chan’s kitty-chan” (p. 129):  “-chan” on “kitty” not needed (plus it
    • Starting on p. 134, also on other pages:  The “Bro” issue with Motoki, already mentioned by Brad/Moonkitty. Probably Onii-san in the original, since it’s acceptable in Japanese to address an older boy whose name you don’t know as Onii-san (and the girls don’t know Motoki’s name till Act 6). After the girls learn Motoki’s name, though, the use of “Bro” is not needed (although Mako-chan uses it on page 205 after learning Motoki’s name – “the ‘bro’ at the game center”). Before that, though, I don’t know what a good translation would’ve been; I suppose they could’ve left it as Onii-san and then had a translation note to explain it.
    • Brad/Moonkitty pointed out that the sensei in Makoto’s remark “It’s naturally wavy, Sensei” (p. 171) could just have easily been translated “sir,” but I think that since she seems to be speaking to a teacher, sensei is appropriate. Yet another example of why this volume needs an honorifics guide.
    • “Bride-san” (p. 185):  “-san” not needed.
    • “The beautiful Miko-san” (p. 200):  “-san” not needed.

    Inconsistencies/Continuity Errors

  • “I need more youth energy!” (p. 15)
    • The previous page has an aside pointing out that the store is full of middle-aged women, so I’m not sure how the baddie’s going to get youth energy from them, unless she means energy to make her look young, since some of the youmas (as well as some of the Dark Agency idols in Sailor V) look really ugly in their true guises.
  • “Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice” (p. 71)
      Whereas on page 35 it was “Beauty and Justice.” “Guardian of Love and Justice” is the correct translation of the original, ai to seigi no senshi. Pointed out by Brad/Moonkitty.
  • “The warrior of intelligence and the water element” (p. 77)
    • While “warrior” is an accurate translation of senshi, it is inconsistent with the word that is used for senshi throughout the manga, “guardian.” “Warrior” is used again on page 120 with Sailor Mars, called the “warrior of fire and passion.” Once Jupiter is declared on p. 194, it’s “guardian” again. Coincidentally, right after Luna calls Mercury a “warrior,” she calls her “guardian of the Sun’s nearest planet.” Hmm.
  • The name for Sendai Hill is variously written as “Sendai-Zaka,” “Sendaizakaue,” and “Sendai-zakue” throughout Act 3.
  • “Ami-chan, it’s 5:00 PM already.” (Usagi)

    “This is awful! I’m supposed to be at English night school!” (Ami) (p. 90)

    • On page 86, Luna told Usagi they were meeting for a strategy meeting at Crown at 5:00. It seems odd that, if Ami knew she had juku at that time, she would’ve also agreed to meet Usagi and Luna at that time. Also, the art in this panel shows it’s actually 5:05.
  • The word “miko” is variously written as either “miko” or “Miko” throughout Act 3, like the translator couldn’t decide whether to capitalize it or not.
  • “Evil Spirit, be exorcised!” (p. 93-94):  As Brad/Moonkitty has pointed out, the name of Rei/Mars’s attack “Akuryou Taisan” is inconsistent in this volume; here it’s translated “Evil Spirit, be exorcised!” whereas elsewhere in the volume it is translated “Evil spirit, be gone!”
    • Coincidentially, the “Evil spirit, be gone!” translation is rather similar to the name change for “Akuryou Taisan” in the French Sailor Moon manga (published by Glénat), where it was replaced with “Vade retro, Satanas,” a common Catholic exorcism meaning “Get thee behind me, Satan” (probably taken from Jesus’s words to Peter in Matthew 16:23). This change also appeared in the Spanish manga, which was also published by Glénat and translated from the French manga.
  • “Usagi-san” (p. 94):  While this is appropriate for Rei to use since she’s just meeting Usagi (whose name she must’ve heard from Luna when Luna and Usagi were outside the shrine, or from Ami when Ami pointed Rei out to Usagi earlier; it’s not clear), later, on pages 104 and 105, Rei is suddenly calling Usagi “Usagi-chan,” with no explanation for this sudden change in address.
  • Drunk Usagi (p. 158):  Usagi fainting and her slurred speech (“Shorry…”) suggest she’s drunk, but in a translation note on page 239, “juice” (juusu) is indicated as being a word in Japanese for non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Ami’s IQ (p. 200):  Ami’s IQ was only rumored to be 300 in Act 2, but on this page it is stated by Usagi as if it were a fact.


  • The shirt of Ami’s school uniform is dark-colored on pages 53-59, but white thereafter.
    • Correction: An anonymous commenter pointed out that the reason Ami’s shirt looks darker is because she is wearing a sweater over her uniform. There is a picture of her wearing a similar sweater on page 6 of the Materials Collection. I had not noted this in the manga art. Thanks to whoever it was who pointed that out!
  • Classes are over? (p. 62):  Usagi says classes are over, but she appears to be in a gym class uniform. Though maybe she just came from gym class (since I don’t think she’s in any sports clubs).
  • Misplaced footnote (p. 93):   The footnote stating what’s written on Rei’s ofuda is placed under the wrong panel (though they may have done that because the panel it should be under is borderless and doesn’t leave enough room to put it there).
  • Fire or Flame? (p. 120):  Here Mars is called the “warrior of fire and passion,” but elsewhere in the Sailor Moon canon Mars is called the senshi/guardian of “flame and passion” (honoo to jounetsu no senshi). Not sure if hi (“fire”) or honoo (“flame”) is used here in the Japanese original.
  • Tuxedo Mask Double Take (p. 124):  In Luna’s profiles, Tuxedo Mask’s civilian name is given as “Mamoru Chiba,” but as far as I know, the fact that Tuxedo Mask is Mamoru is not known yet at this point (it’s revealed in Act 7 when Usagi wakes up in Mamoru’s apartment after being saved by Tuxedo Mask).
  • Zakaue?:  No explanation is given for the suffix “-zakaue” added to “Sendai” in Act 3. It’s possible that it is meant to be “-sakaue,” which is one reading for the last two kanji (坂上) used in the Japanese name for “Sendai Hill,” where Rei’s shrine is located. “Sakaue” is made up of the character for “hill/incline/slope” (saka) and the suffix ue, which means “above” or “up” and was once used as a honorific added to names, though it is now rarely used (except in cases like chichiue and hahaue, very polite ways to refer to your father and mother; one modern example of these words in use is in Japan’s version of the Hetalia: Axis Powers ending “Marukaite Chikyuu”). (Thanks to Denshi Jisho for the kanji meanings here, and Wikipedia’s “Japanese honorifics” article for the info on the use of “-ue” as an honorific. The Hetalia factoid I found out myself from watching it).
    • After doing some research, I have found that “Sendaizakaue” is in fact an actual name used for an area of the Azabu-Juuban Minato district of Tokyo. (And apparently it is a really desirable neighborhood, because searching for it on Google brings up a lot of apartment listings). However, that name would mean nothing to the average reader of this manga; therefore, it would’ve probably been better to translate it “Sendai Hill,” as I believe TokyoPop chose to do, which would make more sense (and still be accurate translation-wise).
  • Translator tour? (p. 145): When Princess D calls over her translator, she says she needs help from said translator because she “still [doesn’t] quite understand the layout of the embassy.” How would a translator be able to help the Princess find her way around the embassy? Unless the translator works there or something (and of course, we find out later that the translator’s a youma, or possessed by one at least).
  • Groom at the Fitting? (p. 170):  One of Usagi and Naru’s friends says to Naru, “I see, so that’s why you went to the fitting instead, huh?”, after hearing that Naru’s cousin’s fiancé disappeared. However, grooms do not usually go to bridal dress fittings, unless the bride decides to bring her groom along – probably a reference to the old superstition about a groom not being allowed to see a bride in her wedding dress until the big day.
  • Tuxedo Mask’s Quick Change (pp. 181-182):   On page 181, Mamoru’s wearing his school uniform, then all the sudden on the next page (182) he’s Tuxedo Mask. How’d he change clothes so fast? Does he wear his tuxedo under his school uniform, or did he stop by his apartment on the way to Usagi’s house and change clothes? (The last panel on 181 suggests the former, as it shows Mamoru taking off his glasses and loosening his tie – perhaps something similar to how Minako is often shown in her “Crescent Moon Power Transform” pose on the last panel of a page in the Codename Sailor V manga, with her transformed self in the first panel of the next page).
  • Bad Translator Note Grammar (p. 238):  There’s a slight writing error in the translation note for “Lupin.” It probably should be written “Most likely, she’s referring to the manga hit by the artist Monkey Punch, Lupin III, but it’s possible she is referring to the original French novels about a dashing thief in turn-of-the-20th-century France, from which Monkey Punch drew his inspiration.” That just makes more sense as a sentence. Also, the translator fails to mention the actual name of the original thief from the novels, Arsène Lupin, even though I’m pretty sure I’ve always seen that name mentioned in other explanations of the origins of Lupin III. I do find this note a little odd period, since they suggest there is a possibility Usagi has read the original novels, though I seriously doubt a school underachiever like Usagi would ever read classic novels like the Arsène Lupin novels. (Ami might, though). It’s much more likely she’s read Lupin III (being the manga nut she is) and knew about Lupin from that.

Credits: The lines from the Mixx English translation come from scans I obtained at Neo Nobility. The examples given from Miss Dream’s translation belong, naturally, to Miss Dream. Mixx English manga (Sailor Moon) © 1996-1998 Mixx/TokyoPop. Kodansha English manga (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) © 2011 Kodansha USA, Kodansha Comics and William Flanagan. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Japanese) © 1992-1997, 2003-2004 Naoko Takeuchi.

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  1. Joanna

    I wanted to point out one more mistake on the page 59 where Ami says: “The only thing I’m good for is studying. I want to become a doctor like Mom, so I have to work hard.” Shouldn’t be here: ” The only thing I’m good AT is studying…”?

    • Misty

      You’re right, it should be “The only thing I’m good at is studying.” Good catch! “The only thing I’m good for is studying” isn’t technically incorrect gramatically, it’s just maybe not the right phrase for this situation.

  2. Malo

    I certainly rebemmer Smile! I was really excited when I first found an issue of it as a wee thing, and actually kind of disappointed when they switched to their all-manga format. Initially. at least. I recently found my entire Smile collection and, flipping through them now, I’m pretty shocked at the publishers’ complete lack of aesthetic sense. The awful layouts the jarring colors the awful, Photoshop’d covers! What were they DOING? And why was I reading those?? Now if I could only figure out what to do with this stack of the things

    • sassypants678

      Ahaha yeah! Well, if you don’t know what to do with your Smile magazines, I’d be happy to take them off your hands to scan and preserve for other people to check out and laugh at! :)

  3. Lilly

    I might have an explination for the “drunk Usagi” part. She may have thought the drink was just regular juice, but it might have turned out to be some fancy alchohalic drink, which she probably had no idea of. You see the manga note was just explaning what she ment by juice, but it never said that that’s all she drank was juice. It was her first time a fancy ball, and she probably had no idea about it. That makes sense doesn’t it?

    • Misty

      That’s true. It is highly possible that she drank some alcohol by mistake. Usagi is the sort of person who would do something like that.

  4. Mayonniaise

    Guess you already know it, but I recently bought a copy of the first volume of Sailor Moon + Sailor V (Kodansha), and some mistakes had been corrected! (Motoki is always reffered to as “Onii-San”, and brooch is spelled correctly.) ^^ Do you think they might have noticed their mistakes thanks to comparisons like this one?

    • sassypants678

      I have heard that they are releasing a new version with corrections, but I have yet to find one in my area to buy and compare. I hope they are fixing the mistakes because of the fans, but whatever their reason I’m happy to see the fixes being made.

      • SnowWolf

        Here’s the breakdown of changes in the second printing:

        1) “Bro” changed to “Onii-san”.
        2) “Broach” changed to “brooch”.
        3) Sailor Moon’s “Beauty and Justice” changed back to “Love and Justice”.
        4) Princess-sama fixed and now just says “princess”.

        It looks like a third person just went through and corrected the main things people complained about. The newest volumes are much better so I’m hoping that by the time we get to volume 12 that Kodansha realises that the difference in quality is so great that they have to fix books 1-4 at the very least.

        • sassypants678

          Do you have a copy of the second printing? I haven’t been able to locate any fixed volumes in my local bookstores. Bummer. D:

          • SnowWolf

            Yep I do. I got mine through the website. Looking forward to the error report for volume 6 although obviously reading it is a bittersweet moment.

  5. SnowWolf

    Could I possibly get some scanned pictures of 1st English printings mistakes (e.g. beauty and justice, princess-sama, bro and broach) because I’m doing a comparison video with tokyopop and only have the second printing. That would be great.

  6. fluffybunny21

    The thing I want to know is how the hell does Tuxedo Kamen know where Usagi lives??!! O.o
    And yeah I think it was William Flanlang who said every printing the errors get corrected.

  7. Niha

    Sorry to ask but why isn’t the volume 2 of Sailor Moon by Kodansha compared in your website? Is it perfectly or something or I haven’t been able to find it?


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