Sailor Moon Kodansha Release Vol. 4 Errors

Written by Misty of Myu Corner

The following are errors that I found in the first printing of Volume 4 of Kodansha USA’s English release of the Sailor Moon manga. They are divided into sections for writing errors (presented in a table), possible issues on multiple pages, honorific issues, inconsistencies/continuity errors, and miscellaneous errors (presented as bulleted lists).

I am not in any way affiliated with Kodansha USA, Del Rey, William Flanagan, or any other person or entity involved in the translation, production, or publication of the volume critiqued here. I also do not mean these critiques as libel in any way, shape, or form, and hope that the persons and entities involved in the translation, production, or publication of the volume critiqued here will not take it as such.

Writing Errors

(Awkward writing, grammar & syntax errors, etc)

Possible Replacement Tokyopop Translation* Miss Dream translation
“But it’s starting to get very cold”

(p. 21)

“It’s starting to get cold” “It’s getting cold” “It’s getting cold outside”
“I want to see that woman’s face when I crush it to pieces with this very hand!”

(p. 25)

“I want to see that woman’s face when I crush it to bits with my own hands!” “I want to crush it with my own hands. I want to see her face…” “I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I smash it to dust in my fist.”
“We have a plan built step by careful step”

(p. 25)

“We have a carefully built plan” “We should follow the plan that we put worked out so carefully”

Slight grammar error in this version.

“We must proceed with our plan with extra care”

(p. 26)


(In Japanese they sometimes put a dot between two words, so maybe that was how the error came about)

“Renew” “’Renew’”
“And now Mom has set her up to go to school!”

(p. 27)

“And now Mom’s sending her to school!” “She’s even going to school! I can’t believe it. Mom registered her.” “And my mom even enrolled her in school like she was her kid, can you believe that c***?”
“You’ve decided yourself to protect her”

(p. 27)

“You decided to protect her, didn’t you?” “You’ve decided to protect her haven’t you?” “But I thought you had decided you were going to help protect her?”
“Don’t you think the guy from the pharmacy was a looker?”

(p. 32)

“Looker” is slang for a physically attractive person. [ for iPhone] Probably something like “hunk” would be better. “Don’t you think he’s cute!” “That new pharmacy guy is really cute, isn’t he?”
“Both died a long time ago in an airline accident”

(p. 33)

“They both died a long time ago in a plane crash.” “They died a long time ago in a plane crash.” “They died quite some time ago, in a plane accident”
“Sure it isn’t a power any normal person has, but…”

(p. 36)

Add a comma: “Sure, it isn’t a power any normal person has, but…” “It’s not a power that normal humans have” “Of course, regular humans don’t have the powers we have”
“Two others who share this fate and fight are…Rei and Ami.”

(p. 37)

“Rei and Ami are fated to fight with me” or something like that “Raye and Amy share my destiny” “And Ami and Rei, they share our destiny and must fight as well.”
“Can you get free?”

(p. 40)

“Are you free?” “Can you go out?” “Can you meet me out here?”
“That’s just impossible!”

(p. 51)

“That’s impossible!” “This can’t be happening!” “D***it!!”
“Black Moon’s saucer appears and just as suddenly, it vanishes!”

(p. 52)

“Black Moon’s saucer just appears and disappears so suddenly!” “The Black Moon’s saucer just appears and disappears” “Everytime I finally see it on the radar the Black Moon’s flying saucer just blips off the map again”
“I get so frustrated!”

(p. 57)

“It’s so frustrating!” “I hate it!” “This is so frustrating!”
“We have to be determined to find out what Chibi-usa knows no matter what it takes!”

(p. 57)

“We have to find out what Chibiusa knows, no matter what it takes!” “We have to get her to talk, no matter what!” “We’ll let Chibiusa tell us what side she’s really on”
“Then I’ll be going back to the control room”

(p. 59)

“I’ll be going back to the control room, then” “I’ll see you in the control room then…” “If you need me, I’ll be in the control room”
“You lose valuable underlings and do not even work up any anger”

(p. 62)

“You go and lose valuable underlings and you don’t even seem to care.” “Aren’t you mad that you’re losing your soldiers?” “Rubeus, we’ve lost so many of our own combatants already, surely you realize this too, don’t you?”
“I realize you get annoyed at anything that deviates from your predictions, but accidents happen in every plan. And from time to time, they cause large distortions to it.”

(p. 62)

“I realize that anything unpredictable annoys you, but no plan is perfect. And sometimes plans get distorted.” “You’re just bothered by the extra problems…but every plan has its pitfalls, and sometimes you have to make major adjustments.” “Besides, Saphir, you always get so irritable and impatient whenever things don’t follow your exact schedule. Accidents are inevitable. But it doesn’t matter, you have a lot of power, just be happy.”
“There is nothing in the least to fear”

(p. 62)

“There’s nothing to fear” or “There’s nothing to worry about.” “We have nothing to fear” “Don’t you see? We have nothing to worry about”
“The time nears for us to make the false stone, the ‘Legendary Silver Crystal,’ vanish forever!”

(p. 65)

“It’s time for us to make the ‘Legendary Silver Crystal’ disappear forever!” “The time to remove forever that stone of illusions, the Silver Imperium Crystal, is drawing near!” “The time to rid ourselves of the Silver Crystal once and for all is fast approaching!”
“I’m retiring to my room”

(p. 65)

“I’m leaving” or something like that “I’m going to my rooms” “I’m going back to my room”
“…has completely emasculated our prince!”

(p. 65)

“Emasculated” generally refers to castration, but can also mean “to deprive of strength or vigor, weaken” [ for iPhone]. Rubeus likely intends the second definition here. Still, because of the sexual connotation the word “emasculate” has (don’t ask), a simpler, less charged word would be better here. Possible replacements: “…has completely enthralled our prince” or “…has completely brainwashed our prince” “he made the Prince so laid back” “Either way, he has the prince totally under his thumb”
“The unrivaled power of ‘evil sight'”

(p. 65)

Esmeraude is referring to Dimande’s third eye, as the accompanying art shows. This could be clearer though. “that invincible evil eye” “Wiseman did give the prince an infinite power with that evil stone, but I wonder what that mark he gave him is?”
“The way the prince learned about the existence of the ‘Legendary Silver Crystal’ was basically through him”

(p. 66)

“The prince basically found out about the ‘Legendary Silver Crystal’ through him.” “He was the one who informed the Prince of the Silver Imperium Crystal” “The prince believes that there’s worth in going after the Silver Crystal…I wonder if he knows something we don’t”
“It pains me…! And I will make sure the enemy…!”

(p. 66)

“It pains me…I will make sure the enemy…” “I won’t stand for it! I’ll take revenge for you…” “This is so frustrating! I just know that our enemies will send me to your same fate”
“Did you perform a mediumship?”

(p. 66)

“Mediumship” refers to the practice of being a medium. [Source] But I don’t think that’s what Rubeus means here. I’m guessing he means “séance,” a French word which means “a meeting in which a spiritualist attempts to communicate with the spirits of the dead.” [ for iPhone] That is basically what Calaveras is doing anyway (by bringing up her dead sisters’ spirits through the Droids). “You were using your powers as a medium?” “Holding a seance, were you?”
See! I told you!

(p. 67)

“Rebirth” “Rebirth” “’Re-Birth’”
“And I used to take the presence of Mako-chan, Ami-chan and Rei-chan for granted, but they aren’t here”

(p. 71)

“That Mako-chan, Ami-chan, and Rei-chan would be here…I used to take that for granted. But they’re not here.” “Lita, Amy, and Raye…they’ve always been with me…now they’re gone…” “With Makoto, Ami, and Rei all gone, I feel so weak I can hardly move”
“So when noon comes, let’s go to the AV room and watch a video while eating lunch!”

(p. 71)

“Say, let’s go watch a video in the AV room during lunch!” “Let’s eat lunch in the den. We can watch a video”

Pardon me, Tokyopop, but what school has a den?

“Hey, why don’t we have lunch in the AV room today?”
“Actually I’ve been aware for a long time that…Usagi has a certain something that I don’t possess. That there exists another world for Usagi that somebody like me can’t enter…But I wanted to be of some help.”

(p. 74)

“Actually, I’ve known for a long time that there was something different about Usagi…that there was some part of her life I couldn’t be a part of. I just wanted to help her out though…”

It’s worth noting that this is the only hint in the manga that Naru might know or at least suspect Usagi has a secret identity. It’s only in PGSM that Naru actually finds out the truth for sure.

“To tell the truth, I’ve sensed it for a while…Bunny is different than me…It’s like she lives in a world that I can’t begin to imagine…But I want to be there for her…” “To be honest, when I saw her earlier I was worried about her because I noticed that something seemed off about her. It seems like she’s got a lot on her mind, as if she’s on another world or something. Poor Usagi. I wish I had the power to make her feel better.”
“Miss Calaveras. As a matter of possibility…do you think that it’s possible for Earth to suffer from an alien invasion?”

(p. 75)

“Miss Calaveras, do you think it’s possible for Earth to be invaded by aliens?” or something like that “Miss Avery. Do you believe the Earth might be invaded by people from another world?” “Miss Calaveras. Do you believe that we are currently facing an alien invasion?”
“My body!! Feels like it’s being pulled apart!!”

(p. 86)

“My body!! It feels like it’s being pulled apart!” “My body…she’s pulling me apart!!” “I’m being torn apart”
“This is not an age where the Goddess of Love, Venus will be defeated!”

(p. 86)

“There’s no way Venus, the Goddess of Love, can be defeated right now!” “As the Goddess of Love, I won’t lose to you!!” “I am Venus, the Goddess of Love! And I will defeat you!”
“I already know it! I can’t say how many ‘Legendary Silver Crystals’ I’ve tried!”

(p. 93)

A strange sentence in and of itself – how could Chibiusa have tried multiple ginzuishou? Not sure what to suggest. “I know…It doesn’t matter how many Crystals I have…I can’t use them…” “I can’t use it myself, but I have to get the Silver Crystal”
“Sailor Moon, save us…Save the future Earth of the thirtieth century…!”

(p. 94)

“Sailor Moon, please save…the earth of the thirtieth century!”

(To say “future Earth” is redundant, because “Earth of the thirtieth century” implies a future Earth).

“Help me, Sailor Moon!! Save the Thirtieth Century…! the Earth of the Future!!” “You have to help us, Sailor Moon! You have to save the the future Earth of the 30th Century!”
“…Come from the future…?!”

(p. 98)

“Come” shouldn’t be capitalized. Should be “…come from the future…?!” “…from the future…?!” “You came here from the future?!”
“Let us go there once more”

(p. 101)

This is somewhat hidden by the volume’s spine. I’m not sure what this refers to. “go back there again” “We’ve got to return there”
“Did you come alone here from the thirtieth century?”

(p. 102)

“Did you come here alone from the thirtieth century?” “Did you come all the way from the 30th century on your own?” “Did you come here from the 30th century alone?”
“last Summer”

(p. 104)

“last summer” “in the summer” “and this summer”
“You’ve wandered so far a-field”

(p. 109)

“You’ve wandered so far away” “Why did you come out here? Come back!” “What are you doing?”
“Someone…without using the space-time route to Nemesis from the ‘Malefic Black Crystal’…has performed a time warp”

(p. 114)

“Someone has time-traveled without using the Black Crystal’s route.” “Someone traveled through time on a different path than the one the Black Poison Crystal opens on Nemesis! A time warp has opened.” “Someone has accessed Nemesis, without using the Dark Crystal. They’ve found a route here. Someone has used the time warp…!”
“it’s successor”

(p. 115)

“its successor” “its heirs” “the heir to the throne”
“I promise that I will lead that beautiful ruler, that you desire, out of the sleeping castle and into your presence!”

(p. 115)

“I promise that I will lead that beautiful ruler you desire out of the sleeping castle and into your presence!” “You desire the beautiful Ruler that sleeps in the castle, Prince? I will bring her to you” “Prince, allow me to present to you the beautiful sleeping ruler of the castle as a gift.”
“We, the Black Moon’s works of art…the Boule Brothers will not fail!”

(p. 115)

“We, the Boule Brothers, the Black Moon’s works of art, will not fail!” “Prince Diamond, let us, the artisans of the Black Moon, the Artificial Jewel Brothers, take care of them.”

(“Artificial” is accurate here, because – as Mr. Flanagan notes – the kanji used here actually means “artificial,” but has furigana next to it that says “Boule”).

“Prince Demand, please allow us to introduce ourselves, the Bould Brothers, we will carry out your orders without fail!”

(p. 116)

“Remake” “Remake” “’Re-Make'”
“the most beautiful show you will have seen”

(p. 117)

“The most beautiful show you’ve ever seen! “to give you a beautiful show” “we will capture the beautiful leader that is being sought after”
“If we don’t to meet up again with Chibi-usa here…”

(p. 117)

“If we can’t meet up again with Chibiusa here…” “If we don’t find Rini soon…” “I don’t think we’ll find Chibiusa here”
“The darkness is opening its mouth wide to swallow us!”

(p. 118)

“The darkness is threatening to swallow us!” “The gaping mouth of darkness…” “There appears to be a black hole forming…”
“in a place like this”

(p. 120)

It’s not clear what this phrase refers to, due to flashback lines being put in between this line and the one preceding it (“Sailor Pluto…”) “This is where…” “It can’t really be…”
“And any who violate this taboo…shall be eliminated!”

(p. 118)

“Presently, my orders are to eliminate you!”

(p. 120)

Not sure of the choice of words in these two spots, I almost feel like a stronger word than “eliminate” should be used here (especially since on p. 121 Chibiusa begs Pluto not to “kill” Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, and Venus). “Those who break the taboo…must die!”
“It is my duty…to execute you.”
“Those who attempt to violate the law will be destroyed!”
“So it appears that now it is my fate to destroy you.”
“I will express my gratitude for bringing the princess safely back to me”

(p. 123)

“You have my gratitude for bringing the princess back safely” “Thank you for taking care of the Princess this far.” “Please forgive my insolence, Princess.”
“The darkness is opening its mouth wide to swallow us!”

(p. 118)

“The darkness is threatening to swallow us!” “The gaping mouth of darkness…” “There appears to be a black hole forming…”
“protect the Small Lady”

(p. 124, 238)

“protect Small Lady” “Please protect the Small Lady, visitors.” “So please, visitors, protect Small Lady for me”
“The moon is so close, hanging heavy above”

(p. 126)

“The moon is hanging so close above” or something like that “The moon is so close…hanging so heavy in the sky…” “…Wow, the moon is really close…It’s just hanging there above the horizon.”
“Something’s strange about this. It’s too quiet. I want to see it a little closer”

(p. 128)

“This is just too weird…It’s too quiet. I want to take a closer look” “Something’s wrong…It’s too quiet…Let’s take a closer look.” “There’s something off about this place. It’s too quiet. Let’s go in a little deeper.”
“the Sailor Moon of legends”

(p. 132)

“the legendary Sailor Moon” “the Legendary Warrior Sailor Moon” “the legendary Sailor Moon”
“It’s not performing the halation?!”

(p. 134)

“It’s not working?!” “The Halation isn’t working?!” “It won’t perform the halation attack?!”
“Welcome to Crystal Tokyo of the thirtieth century. And to our home, Crystal Palace.”

(p. 149)

“Welcome to the thirtieth century, and to our home, Crystal Tokyo’s Crystal Palace” or something like that “Welcome to the Crystal Tokyo of the Thirtieth Century…And welcome to our Crystal Palace.” “Welcome to the 30th Century, to Crystal Tokyo, and to our Crystal Palace.”
“I am ‘you’ of the future, Tuxedo Mask.”

(p. 150)

“I am your future self, Tuxedo Mask.” “I am your future self, Tuxedo Mask.” “I am his future form. I am Tuxedo Mask.”
“’To one and all. I pray for your good health and humor.'”

(p. 151)

This sounds odd, almost Shakespearean. In fact, I almost thought it was Shakespeare and looked it up to see if it was a quote. But it isn’t. Not sure what to suggest. “’Everyone, I am pleased to welcome you here today…'” “Everyone, it has been a delight to spend time with you.”
“The Silver Millennium”

(p. 151)

“the Silver Millennium” “the Silver Millennium” “the Silver Millennium”(all-caps font)
“People were trying to figure out a way to make use of the planet since quite a long time ago”

(p. 161)

“People have tried to find uses for the planet for a long time” “In that way we were able to confirm its existence long ago” “Actually, our measurements of the energy were what helped us cement its exact location.”
“Invading Earth of the past?”

(p. 164)

“Invading the Earth of the past?” “Invading the past?!” “They are invading the past?!”
“We came here of our own volition, Your Majesty!”

(p. 165)

“We chose to come here, Your Majesty!” “We came here of our own will, King!” “Really! I came with her so I could determine what happened, King!”
“And be of aid…to these good people?”

(p. 166)

“And help these good people?” “And try to help everyone?” “Can you take care of yourself and help them in their mission?”
“I will stake my life to the protection of this Small Lady”

(p. 166)

“I will risk my life to protect Small Lady.” “King, I would risk my life to protect Small Lady.” “King, please entrust Small Lady’s life to me. I will protect her.”
“I must confess an odd feeling speaking to my own younger self”

(p. 167)

“I must confess, it’s odd speaking to my younger self” “It’s a strange feeling, talking to my past self.” “It’s so strange, talking to myself from long ago”
“I didn’t recall that I was able to master the psychometry power in such strength so early…My daughter is in your hands.”

(p. 167)

“I don’t remember mastering my psychometry at such an early age…But I leave my daughter in your hands.” “I didn’t think that your psychometry would develop this fast, or be this strong when it did. Take care of my daughter.” “I believe that my powers of psychometry are growing stronger. I was able to know that she was special the first time I touched her. That she was my daughter.”

Miss Dream’s translation seems to give this line to Tuxedo Kamen rather than the King.

“your Four Guardian Goddesses of Princess Serenity”

(p. 167)

“Princess Serenity’s four Sailor Guardians” “Princess Serenity’s Four Guardian Scouts” “four guardians assigned to protect Princess Serenity”
“the God and master of time”

(p. 168)

“the god and master of time” “the God of time” “God of Time” (all-caps font)
“Time is the final, sacrosanct territory”

(p. 168)

“Time is the final, sacred territory”

(“Sacrosanct” means “extremely sacred or inviolable,” “not to be entered or trespassed upon,” or “above or beyond criticism, change, or interference,” and comes from a Latin word meaning “made holy by sacred rite” [ for iPhone]).

“Time is the last sacred territory” “Time is something that must never be tampered with”
“has seen a myriad of epochs”

(p. 169)

“has seen many epochs” “has seen many eras” “She has lived through many eras.”
“You chose Chibi-usa as most important!”

(p. 173)

“To you, Chibiusa is the most important thing!” “Why would you choose Rini over me?!” “Are you always going to choose Chibiusa over me, no matter what?!”
“What kind of nonsense am I up to?!”

(p. 174)

“What am I thinking?!” “I’m such an idiot…” “Why should I be jealous of stupid Chibiusa?”
“She hasn’t come back home here, either”

(p. 176)

“She hasn’t come back here either” “She didn’t come back here” “She never came home last night, so she’s not here either”
“I think you should gather up your things!”

(p. 179)

“I think you should pack your bags!” “You should be packing.” “Shouldn’t you be worrying about your job?”

(p. 180)

“Relax” “Relax” “’Relax'”
“My power that comes from Neo-Queen Serenity…!”

(p. 182)

“The power Neo-Queen Serenity has…” “If only…I had power!!” “Neo-Queen Serenity’s blood flows through me and I do have power…!”
“I couldn’t perform Halation, again?!”

(p. 184)

“It didn’t work again?!” “Not again?! The Halation didn’t work?!” “The Halation didn’t work?!”
“No, you mean I’m on Nemesis?”

(p. 200)

“No! You mean I’m on Nemesis?” “No way!…I’m…on Nemesis?” “It can’t be…Is this Nemesis?”
“You’re the one who attacked Crystal Tokyo! Demande!”

(p. 201)

These two phrases could be switched. It might make more sense. “You’re the one who attacked Crystal Tokyo, aren’t you, Diamond!” “So you’re the one who attacked Crystal Tokyo! Demand!”

(p. 203)

“Replay” “Replay” “’Replay'”
“Rebels calling themselves Black Moon and bearing black crescent moons on their foreheads, appeared”

(p. 214)

Add a comma: “Rebels, calling themselves Black Moon and bearing black crescent moons on their foreheads, appeared” “Rebels from the Black Moon appeared” “His followers took on the Black Moon crescent mark their leader had worn, and became the Black Moon group.”
“Was I hearing things…?”

(p. 216)

“Am I just hearing things…?” “Just my imagination…” “Must have been the wind”
“…Even trying to fight”

(p. 218)

“Even when I try to fight” “Even when I was fighting” “Even though I’m fighting”
“I was left insecure”

(p. 219)

“I felt insecure” “I felt threatened” “I was so uncomfortable”
“I would beg your help as well”

(p. 220)

Sounds a bit too formal. Not sure what to suggest. “I need your help” “I want to give you strength”
“And now I’m not needed even here, anymore”

(p. 238)

“And now I’m not needed even here anymore” “There’s no place for me anymore…” “I never thought I’d get another chance to go back there”


*Due to the ongoing investigation of Megaupload by the FBI, I was unable to download the file of the Mixx version I usually use from Neo Nobility. So, for this and possibly several future reports, I will be using the raw scans of the Tokyopop version from Miss Dream rather than Neo Nobility’s Mixx scans.



Possible Issues on Several Pages


  • Throughout this volume (and maybe volume 3 too, but I didn’t catch it there), the Prince of the Black Moon Clan is called “Demande.” However, I have seen this character’s name romanized elsewhere as “Dimande” or “Demando,” and his name is written as プリンス・デマンド (Purinsu Demando) in Japanese. Given the jewel theme with villain names in Sailor Moon, I assume the name was supposed to approximate the English word “diamond” (usually written daiyamondo in Japanese), and DiC did name him “Prince Diamond” when they dubbed the R anime. Not sure which is the correct romanization here. Technically, “Demando” is the correct one per the katakana, but it’s tough to say.
  • The translator continues to put ellipses at the beginning of sentences, as several fans have noticed. Ellipses are generally meant for the end of sentences.
  • As noted by Brad of in regards to volume 3, Chibiusa’s name is consistently written “Chibi-usa.” The hyphen is not necessary.
  • I’ve noticed that throughout the Black Moon arc, and particularly in this volume, the enemies are referred to as “the Black Moon.” I would think it should be “Black Moon Clan” or “Black Moon family,” as other parts of the canon have called them (their Japanese name, ブラックムーン一族, means “Black Moon Family”). It’s unclear.
  • On page 20 and also in flashbacks on pages 233 and 234, the spell Sailor Pluto taught Chibiusa is written as “Abra-cadabra Ta-daa.” The main issue here is that “Abra-cadabra” shouldn’t have a hyphen. It should be “abra cadabra,” or as in the Japanese, “abracadabra.” The Japanese name for this spell is Abracadabra Pon (アブラカダブラ・ポン). “Abracadabra” is a word initially used as a charm against sickness or evil and later frequently invoked by magicians. The origin of the word is disputed, but can be traced at least to the Latin word abracadabra from the end of the 4th century A.D. with certainty. [Source]. One popular theory is that it originates in Hebrew and Aramaic and means “I create as I speak” (or something along those lines); author J.K. Rowling defined it as “let the thing be destroyed” when explaining the origin of her spell Avada Kedavra (a.k.a. “the Killing Curse”). “Pon” is Japanese onomatopœia (sound word) and means, among other things, the sound of something appearing magically, often with a puff of smoke. [Source]
  • “It’s a spell that will help you raise your spirits again, Small Lady!” – This line from Sailor Pluto occurs three times in the text, originally on page 21 and then in flashback on pages 233 and 234. A better way to write this would be: “It’s a spell that will help raise your spirits, Small Lady!”
  • Tuxedo Kamen’s Attack: Man, these poor characters and their attacks. Last volume, Jupiter’s attack got mangled, this time poor Tuxedo Kamen gets that distinction. His signature attack Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber is written as “Tuxedo La Smoking!! Bomber!!” on page 91 and “Tuxedo!! La Smoking Bomber” on pages 137 and 185. The excessive exclamation points are not needed (one or maybe two after “bomber” would have been sufficient). (One funny thing about this attack: “la smoking” actually means “tuxedo” in French. “Bomber” means “to bulge out” – assuming that Naoko-san is using the French word here. So the attack literally means “Tuxedo The Tuxedo To Bulge Out.” *chuckle*)
  • Multiple times in Act 20 (and I think Act 21 also), the Inner Senshi of the future are referred to as the “Four Guardian Goddesses.” My best guess is that this was a misinterpretation of their official name in the manga, the “Senshi of the Four Guardian Deities” (surprisingly, “Inner Senshi” is a fanmade term and is not actually canon). It probably should be “Four Sailor Guardians” to stay consistent with the translation conventions followed in the other volumes.
  • After Moon, Chibiusa, Venus, Tuxedo Kamen, and the cats arrive in Crystal Tokyo, there are multiple references to the Black Crystal (or “Malefic Black Crystal” rather) planted there, calling it a “megalith.” I did not think that was a word, but it is, and means “a stone of great size, especially in ancient construction work, as the Cyclopean masonry, or in prehistoric Neolithic remains, as dolmens or menhirs.” [Source] I thought they meant “monolith,” which is an obelisk, column, or statue formed from a single piece of stone. [Source] Either could work, I guess.

Honorific Issues (Oddly Used, Not Needed)


In three different places (page 37, page 38, and page 77), Asanuma calls Makoto “Makoto-san.” Elsewhere in the manga he calls her “Makoto-sempai.” While -san would also be an appropriate honorific to use in this case, it’s an inconsistency here because he typically uses -sempai with her. (Because it’s a honorific issue and not a plot continuity error, I’m listing it here instead of under inconsistencies).

Inconsistencies/Continuity Errors


Once again, no continuity errors. Maybe things ARE looking up.



  • Some errors addressed in the volume 3 guidecrop up again in Volume 4:
    • The error I noted from volume 3’s “Volume 4 preview” is still there in volume 4.
    • The Ayakashi Sisters are still the “Spectre Sisters.”
    • The Black Crystal is still the “Malefic Black Crystal”
    • The “Wise-man” error (should be “Wiseman”) crops up again on pages 24 and 64 of volume 4.
  • On the bright side, Sailor Jupiter’s attack “Sparkling Wide Pressure” is correct in Volume 4; in Volume 3 it was mistakenly written as “Spark ring! Wide Pressure!”.
  • Chibiusa’s Spell (p. 112): When Chibiusa recites the spell to activate the Space-Time Key, her whole spell is in quotes. I don’t think it’s really necessary for it to have quotes.
  • The translation notes have a very different font this time. It’s kind of similar to the font they’ve used before but with a much lighter stroke, making them hard to read.
  • Though it didn’t happen to my volume, at least one fan (and maybe others) had a volume with a printing error where the last 25% of the book was reprints of previous pages stuck in out of sequence. Oops. (Note: I had previously said in a tweet that the reprinted pages were from volume 3, but I see now I was wrong. The reprinted pages were actually from volume 4. I mistinterpreted what the issue that particular fan had had was about. Sorry!)
  • Research Fail: In the last translation note of the volume, Mr. Flanagan writes:

    Page 135, Chemical Terms

    This sequence uses a lot of chemical terms such as enantiomer, electrochemical side chain, isomer, and chiralty center. Unfortunately, while Takeuchi-sensei is trained as a chemist, this translator is not. You are welcome to look up the meanings yourself. If you can make sense of them, I would congratulate you on being a more chemistry-inclined person than myself. Although the chemical terms bear a relationship to the events in the manga, it is not necessary to know exactly what the terms mean to make sense of the story.

    Now, besides the fact that his page number is off (the sequence starts on page 132…but then there are so few page numbers given in the last couple volumes that page numbers are really hard to determine, so I might be wrong), this note struck me as sounding like a lazy cop-out. If he’s going to go to the trouble to write these translation notes so we understand the Japanese cultural concepts in this volume, he could at least have taken the time to research the chemical terms in this sequence to find out what they meant. He could’ve used a library, the Internet, or even asked Naoko-san personally (since Mr. Flanagan lives in Japan). So I don’t buy his explanation here. His explanation is made all the more lazy by the fact that on the page right before this he takes the time to define Chiral and Achiral’s names as well as the term “boule” (used in the name “Boule Brothers”), which are all chemical terms. I mean…really?!

    So, since Mr. Translator neglected to define these terms, let’s see what they mean. (But I warn you – like Mr. Flanagan, I am no chemistry expert). The definitions below are from this site unless otherwise indicated.

    • Chiral/Achiral: A chiral is something with mirror images that can’t be superimposed on top of one another. (This is how Mr. Flanagan defines it in the translation notes too. He also notes that the mirror images aren’t identical to one another in a chiral molecule and that’s why they can’t be superimposed). An achiral (not defined at the site given above) would be, as Flanagan notes, the opposite of chiral (as implied by the use of the Greek prefix a-, which means “not”).
    • Boule: As Flanagan points out, a boule is a synthetic single-crystal ingot (an ingot being something cast into a shape that can be further processed). It is often used in the semiconductor industry, and most microchips used today start as a boule of silicon. The same process used to create boules is also used to synthetically create sapphires for use as substrates for LEDs, optical windows for certain special purposes, and protective watch covers. [Source]
    • Enantiomer: Similar to a chiral in that it is two mirror-image molecules that can’t be superimposed, but with the added effect of the light from the molecules rotating polarized light to the left and right respectively.
    • Isomer: Molecules that share the same molecular formula (a notation like H2O) but not the same structural formula (the formula that shows how atoms bond to one another).
    • Electrochemical side chain: Electrochemistry is the “study of chemical changes produced by electrical current and the production of electricity by chemical reactions.” [Source] A side chain, in biochemistry and organic chemistry, is a group of molecules that branches off from a core part of a molecule or polymer. [Source]
    • Chiralty Center: The atom in a molecule that causes a chiralty, usually one that is bound chemically to four different atomic groups. A molecule can be become a chiral without such a center however, or have multiple chiralty centers.



Credits: The lines from the Tokyopop English translation come from scans I obtained at Miss Dream. The examples given from Miss Dream’s translation belong, naturally, to Miss Dream. Tokyopop English manga (Sailor Moon) © 1996-1998 TokyoPop. Kodansha English manga (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) © 2011 Kodansha USA, Kodansha Comics and William Flanagan. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Japanese) © 1992-1997, 2003-2004 Naoko Takeuchi.


11 Responses to “Sailor Moon Kodansha Release Vol. 4 Errors”

  1. Brad

    Fantastic information!!! Great job with the research! I really do wonder what the go is with all the hypens, even in words that don’t need them!

  2. cutechong

    Wow! I’ve missed so many errors in the manga!! What a nice reference to see this. [Found on facebook via MoonKittyNet information link.]

    • Misty

      Glad you like it! Don’t feel bad about missing errors – I realized after reading Brad’s review on and Sailor Hell’s review that I missed some myself.

  3. Lunar Archivist

    Kodansha’s translator makes it sound harder than it actually is.

    “Chiral” and “achiral” are adjectives. The former denotes something that its not superimposable upon its mirror image and the latter something that is.

    Let’s assume that letters are molecules. If you were to take “A” or “O” and mirror them, they would look exactly the same, meaning that you have perfect overlap between the mirror and non-mirrored version of those letters. That’s achiral. Try that with the letters “G” and “R”, and you’ll find that you can’t overlap the two. That’s chiral.

  4. Pixie

    I was pretty supportive at first, but with each volume, the translation seems to get increasingly meh. If they want an excited fan to continues to preordering each volume, they better put more effort into their first printings. :/ Why can’t they get this right? Do Sailor Moon right, and I will throw my money at you! I will put it into a catapult and launch it right into your face! I’m buying these regardless, but I’m not going to be in much of a hurry if I know this is going to happen every time and that subsequent printings might get the editing the first printing should have gotten all along. :/

    I will say, though, on the subject of Demand(e)/Demando vs. Dimande vs. Diamond, that I always understood his name to be a pun on “diamond” and “demand.” He’s an extremely willful, demanding ruler. They play with this in his Sera Myu song Innocent Demand (not Naoko’s canon or anything, but still, if that was their interpretation, I feel like it’s not too unlikely an interpretation xD). To that end, I prefer Demand(e) or potentially Demando (I feel Demand(e) fits better with Esmeraude and the like). Keep in mind that the other characters are Rubeus (a name not actually related to rubies at all AFAIK), Saphir (French for Sapphire), and Esmeraude (archaic French for emerald — current French is emeraude). Thus, I don’t see why we should correct Demand(e) to Diamond (or Dimande… does that actually mean anything in any language? most are diamant/diamante). The Japanese phonetic rendering is pretty unmistakably “daiyamondo,” so if Takeuchi were going for that, I figure she just would have written it.

    • Misty

      I agree, they need to get their act together with the translation.

      I like your idea about Dimande. I think there was definitely some attempt to make it sound like “diamond” seeing as Naoko-san has shown a tendency to name her villains after jewels (Beryl, Jadeite, and the examples you gave).

      It is true that “rubeus” isn’t related to rubies directly. However, the term is a Latin word meaning “red” or “reddish,” and rubies are generally red. (Though rubies CAN be other colors – in fact sapphires are just blue-colored rubies).

      Based on this forum thread, it seems Dimande’s name is supposed to be Demand and comes from “demand,” an obsolete New High German word for “diamond.”

      • Pixie

        I’m super late in replying, but oh, that is really cool if it’s based on the obsolete New High German! It fits really well with Esmeraude since that too is an archaic word. I’m not sure how likely it is given the relative obscurity (with a quick look around, I can’t even find any sources for this not related to Sailor Moon), but I like that.

        But yeah, I think two things are pretty certain: “デマンド” is not actually supposed to be “diamond,” but it is supposed to be reminiscent of “diamond,” the way that “Rubeus” is reminiscent of “ruby.” As for gems, ruby is the word for red corundum, and sapphires are all other colors of corundum, so the “red” connection works. Thinking about it, I’m pretty sure “ruby” is derived from “Rubeus.” That also fits the trend of archaic names.


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