CD Tracks and Audio

Check out our translations of various audio tracks from various Sailor Moon franchise CDs!


Sailor Moon First Season Drama CD 2
Sailor Moon First Season Drama CD 2
Sailor Moon R Drama CD
Sailor Moon R Drama CD

Sailor Moon R Image Singles – Poems and Prologues

Sailor Moon S Uranus – Neptune – Chibimoon PLUS Tracks

Sound Drama Collection – Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S – Danshi Kouseniri! Tsui ni Meguri Atta Unre no Hito!Full Video
Sailor Moon S Drama CD
Sailor Moon S Drama CD
Anime Cassette Collection Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Volume One
Anime Cassette Collection Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Volume One

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live action)

By Sailor Moon German and Miss Dream.

DJ Moon Album 1

DJ Moon Album 2

DJ Moon Album 3

Moonlight Real Girl Box Set (DJ Moon 1, 2, 3 + CD EXTRA)
(Donated by anonymous)

Sailor Moon Video Games

Sailor Moon Super S Sega Saturn Cutscenes=

CDs by Voice Actresses of the Sailor Moon Franchise

Half Moon by Megumi Ogata
(Japanese VA of Sailor Uranus)

11 Responses to “CD Tracks and Audio”

  1. Yann

    Thanks again for this wonderfull sub!
    Is there any plan in a near future to translate the 6 CD of the Drama Collection; it’s seems so interessting based on the fact that they are new stories ?

    • sassypants678

      I will do it one day. Eventually. Just not in the immediate future – I’m focusing on translating all of the manga by Naoko Takeuchi at the moment.
      Patience is a virtue though, and I do fulfill all requests if you wait long enough! :D

      • Yann

        Well then I will wait all time needed! :)

        Im sure these CD dramas translations will be very sucessfull thought. As they are I think the last Sailor Moon pieces absolutely not translated.

        Have a nice day!

  2. carmela

    will you subbed the seems so cool in youtube unfortunately i’m dont understand japanese

  3. Little-Subs

    I’m sure all the download link is broken or unavailable for me ! And I believe quite a few people have the same problem like me. Could you please fix the download link or provide the torrent download link. I’ll be deeply grateful for all your kindness.

    • MarioKnight

      I’ve tested all of the download links using multiple browsers on Windows and Linux with no issues. If you can let us know what browser and version you’re using as well as the exact error messages you are getting, we might be able to look into your issues.

    • X

      I found to issues in the links. One for the anime cassette collection vol 1, and the other for Half Moon. If you copy the url for Half moon and paste it into the url box just add a slash after audio cd. So audiocd/[Miss Dream. On the other, the link has the word download in it spelled with two ds. Remove one of the ds and it should work fine!

      • MarioKnight

        It looks like I somehow completely missed the Half Moon one, and was only checking the text links and not picture links for the other. These have been fixed, thanks for the heads up! =)

  4. Katie

    In Anime Cassette Collection Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
    Volume One, track 1 was missing subtitles for the poetry Ami read, and tracks 2, 3, and all the others I tried afterward had no subtitles at all. I’d love to get to listen to (and understand) the rest of it!

  5. Anyo

    Thank you so much for these wonderful subs!! The CD2 from the first season was my gateway back into BSSM a few years ago and I’m so delighted to finally be able to fully understand what they were saying!!

  6. Al

    Hello there.

    I have obtained three more audio dramas like the ones above, one related to Sailor Moon season 1 and two related to Season 2/R. I was wondering if you would perhaps want them to add to the above collection?


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