Miss Dream Garage Sale – Summer 2015


Welcome to the fourth edition of the Miss Dream Garage Sale! Once again, we find ourselves stuffed with magazines and books following scans, and we need to clear them out! These are priced to leave quick, so if you’re looking to own rare magazines as well as pieces of Miss Dream history (many before the scans are online!), then you are in the right spot!

All prices do not include shipping, which will be calculated upon checkout. Also, we do not ship internationally.

Enjoy! =D

Nothing for sale right now, keep checking back for goodies!

3 Responses to “Miss Dream Garage Sale – Summer 2015”

  1. alexis crockett

    feels so good to see the “sold out” knowing that it was me lol
    I’m so happy wow!

  2. Nathan

    is any of the dragon tree press stuff available, if possible i would love to see a pdf or mobi version of some of those books


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