Pretty Soldiers Official Fan Book – Sailor Moon

This download is for the Pretty Soldiers Official Fan Book – Sailor Moon.
It features facts about the character with episode screen caps and other trivia. This is a very rare find. :)

Click on the gallery links below to view the images in low definition, or download the massive archive of the HQ files here:

download: gallery download
torrent download


4 Responses to “Pretty Soldiers Official Fan Book – Sailor Moon”

  1. Aimaileafy

    I really really liked these Character Artbooks ♥ I used to have them all, since they were actually released in Germany. You could buy them in the normal Kiosk, it was awesome >w< were they released in the US to?
    Nevertheless. I love them!

    • Starchild

      Yes, they were released in the US. I have Sailor Moon: Crystal, and Sailor Jupiter: Thunder. They are also hard to find.

      • Lily

        They are hard to find. I spent a couple of months looking for the complete set. Luckily on ebay someone was selling all of them for $50.

  2. Harvest

    This is a great scan, and a great find! However, it seems pages 68 and 69 are missing. I don’t suppose you still have them?


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