Sailor Moon Crystal BR LE Volume 7 – Booklet

This download is of Sailor Moon Crystal Blu Ray Limited Edition Volume 7 – Booklet, scanned by Mizuno Caitlin of Wild Mushroom Land.

The Limited Edition Blu-Ray is a special edition of the Sailor Moon Crystal release. The seventh issue contained The Blu-ray for Acts 13 and 14, the box for the complete set to fit in, a charm, and a design booklet of characters and elements appearing within the episodes.

The booklet contains an interview with producer Junichiro Tsuchiya and the seiyuu for the Shitennou, Daisuke Kishio, Kosuke Toriumi, Masaya Matsukaze and Eiji Takemoto. Artwork includes Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion, the Shitennou, Queen Serenity, Queen Beryl, human Beryl, and Usagi’s Crystal Star brooch. It also includes Osabu Vol. 7.

It’s even still available for purchase here!

Click on the gallery links below to view the images in low definition, or download the massive archive of the HQ files here:

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