Sailor Moon: The Novels by Tokyopop/SMILE Books

From WikiMoon:
“Sailor Moon the Novels was a series of novels written by Stu J. Levy (#1) and Lianne Sentar (#2-#8), and published by TokyoPop under their now-renamed “Mixx Readz” imprint in 1999. Naoko Takeuchi was also credited on their covers, but had no hand in writing them, and was merely the creator of Sailor Moon. The novels were aimed at the 8-12-year-old age range, and are currently out of print.
Each novel covered the action of three anime episodes from the original anime. Thus, the final novel, #8, ended with the death of Nephrite in episode 24. The novels followed the English dub setting of the city or town of “Crossroads,” the exact location of which was left vague; however, given a comment in at least one of the novels, it seemed to be located in Japan.”

As Tokyopop is now defunct, along with their “MixxReadz!” line that originally published this series, I am offering for download the complete collection of the Sailor Moon: The Novels books. Please enjoy the lolstastic dub goodness! You can browse and download the individual books below, or download as much (or as little) as you want from the bulk download torrent.

Sailor Moon The Novel 1: A Scout is Born
A Scout is Born
Sailor Moon The Novel 2: The Power of Love
The Power of Love
Sailor Moon The Novel 3: Mercury Rising
Mercury Rising
Sailor Moon The Novel 4: Mars Attacks
Mars Attacks
Sailor Moon The Novel 5: Eternal Sleep
Eternal Sleep
Sailor Moon The Novel 6: Scouts on Film
Scouts on Film
Sailor Moon The Novel 7: Cel Mates
Cell Mates
Sailor Moon The Novel 8: Diamond's Not Forever
Diamond’s Not Forever

6 Responses to “Sailor Moon: The Novels by Tokyopop/SMILE Books”

  1. Hillary

    Oh nostalgia! I had these when I was younger. I remember being surprised that they included the 2nd (JP) episode in the story- I was excited to read it since I didn’t know it had been cut out of the dub at the time.

  2. Misty

    Real excited to see these! I actually own a couple of these, which I bought from a seller on LJ – “Mercury Rising” and “Diamond’s Not Forever.” I think I chose those ones particular because they have Sailor Mercury on the covers. Will be fun to read the others though!

  3. KinomiyaMichiru

    Thanks for these. I think I still have a couple of these around here somewhere, but this will be easier to read.

    BTW, the “gallery download” link on book #8 isn’t working. It’s directing to an error page. But, I got it from the torrent fine.

    • sassypants678

      Hmm, that link is working fine for me. By chance, did you have simultaneous downloads going? You’re limited to downloading 5 files at a time. If you were going over the simultaneous download limit, that’s probably why you saw the error.


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