Smile Magazine Issue 1.3

This download is a full copy of Smile Magazine, a North American publication by Tokyopop featuring 1990s anime, manga, fashion, and girl advice – Issue 1.3!

Click on the gallery links below to view the images in low definition, or download the massive archive of the HQ files here:

download: gallery download


One Response to “Smile Magazine Issue 1.3”

  1. Esperanza Moreno

    I did a random google search online tonight about smile magazine and found your page! I remembered that I had sent in some fan art back in the day and wanted to see if I could find it. Well, I found it! 😭💛
    I am in the fan art section of this issue, the first piece on the far left (you’ll see my name). Thank you so much for posting this magazine. I know I have my original SOMEWHERE but its even cooler to find it online. Thank you!

    -Esperanza Moreno


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