Moonlight Anthem

Created by Riho Takatsuki of the doujinshi artist circle “Reverse”, this doujinshi is a tale of how the romance between Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion developed during the Silver Millennium, as witnessed by Princess Uranus. It was originally published on August 20th, 1995 by Ishimura Copy Press.

This volume is especially desirable by collectors of doujinshi since it is one of the rarer works by the very famous and very popular group known as “Reverse”. Many thanks to Meara for providing us with scans!

Group/Circle: Reverse
Genre: Drama, Romance

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  1. Ami

    Hello Miss Dream!
    I’m Ami and I’m Vietnamese. Can I use your Moon Anthem’s translate to translate this doujinshi to Vietnamese? If I can so thank you!


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