Fragrant Olive: Sugary Syndrome

This particular doujinshi is a romantic drabble between Seiya and Usagi created by Frangrant Olive Mei and provided to us raw by forum user Seiya.

Group/Circle: Fragrant Olive
Genre: Romance
Year: 2009

4 Responses to “Fragrant Olive: Sugary Syndrome”

  1. Dominika

    Did you maybe translate Fragrant Moment or Moment? <3 I tried to search for it, but I can't find it!

  2. IMA

    It’s so unfortunate that such a beautiful art was wasted on such an useless ship like Usagi and Seiya when this girl in canon never had any feelings for him…

    • Lis

      That’s a silly way to see things. Shipping is about what brings you joy, doesn’t matter if if the characters don’t end up together in the canon. Who cares?


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