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The following is a Yuji Kobayashi Sailor Moon Crystal Series Composition Blog translation. Yuji Kobayashi is in charge of script and series composition for Sailor Moon Crystal. The original post can be found here.

Series Composition
2014-07-10 01:04:37
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Back in July I began working on
The 2nd incarnation of this work, doing series composition

A lot of people wonder, what does a “series composer” do
There’s no general definition, it changes depending on the circumstance
So it’s a pretty ambiguous role.

First of all, I’m working with “Sailor Moon”
And since we’re sticking to the original version, it’s a bit different for me this time around.

The writers automatically simplify the situation
But as a series composer, I have to give the difficulties involved more credit

“Sailor Moon Crystal” is
Basically an adapted version of the original
And there are many scenes in episode 1 where it aligns with the original

So when people say it’s an easy job, I have to say – it’s not at all. There is a lot of consideration taken:

Why is the dialogue and stage direction this way?
Is this part needed, or unnecessary? Do we need foreshadowing in this place, or not?
If I want to get this point across, do I need extra emphasis or is it already easy enough to understand?
After we all meet to discuss these points, then we make a final decision and make adjustments as necessary.

So we’re expanding a little bit on the original
And just like when the original was written, we’re going through the process of writing a screenplay

So for episode 1, it’s not identical to the original
There are some places where episode 1 differs from the original creation.

So I keep hearing from fans who liked the original anime:
“That part is different!” “Why’d you change that part? and,
I just think there are so many raised voices about this…
But I’m relieved that so far the first episode has been accepted relatively smoothly.

For those who say “It’s just like the original!”
I think that’s the happiest thought of all.

Personally, it was not my point to make an adaptation of the original work
But if you are familiar with series adaptations, sometimes in the process of composition that happens naturally
So you could say, so far, this has been successful as an adaptation

To those who want to know the difference between the anime and the original
I hope you’ll have an opportunity to read the original version
Please, read the original work by Naoko Takeuchi
Sailor Moon Perfect Edition Volume 1 by Naoko Takeuchi

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