Namikichi no Koi

Re-translated by Sasha.

1: The subject of the sentence is ambiguous, but previous references to tanning in the musical suggest that Minako is referring to herself.
2: A “lunar flip” is a kind of trick done with kendama toys. The term has been adapted to describe Saito Kun’s somersaults.

Title: 並木道の恋
Translated Title: Love on the Tree-Lined Street
Series: Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen, Sera Myu


若葉の春 並木道で
初めて あのひとを見た時は
胸の奥が キュンと鳴って
思わず立ちすくみ 見送ったわ

月面宙返り 見せてくれ
思い出の 並木道で
秋のひあびながら 見つめ合った

それでも それでも あのひとは
なんにも 言っては くれなかった
こんなに こんなに 好きなのに
卒業してった 私の初恋


wakaba no haru namikimichi de
hajimete ano hito wo mita toki wa
mune no oku ga KYUN to natte
omowazu tachisukumi miokutta wa

komugiiro ni yaketa natsu ni
getsumen chuugaeri misetekure
omoide no namikimichi de
aki no hi abinagara mitsumeatta

soredemo soredemo ano hito wa
nannimo itte wa kurenakatta
konna ni konna ni suki na no ni
sotsugyou shitetta watashi no hatsukoi


In the spring of new leaves, on the tree-lined street
Was when I saw that person for the first time
The depths of my heart cried “kyun”
Involuntarily unable to move, I watched until he was out of sight

In the summer when I tanned[1] light brown,
He showed me a lunar somersault[2]
On the tree-lined street of memories
While bathed in the autumn sun, our eyes met

Even so, even so, that person
Didn’t say anything to me
Even though I liked him so, so much
My first love graduated

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