Darkness is Beautiful

Translation by Sasha. NOTES: 1: Beryl uses the “-domo” suffix after “ningen” (humans) to show that she looks down on them. 2: “koso” emphasizes the preceding word; the song title is “Darkness is Beautiful”, but with an emphasis on “darkness”. 3: Ordinarily “keredo” at the end of a sentence would mean “but”. In this case,… Read more »

Love on a Waltz

Translation by Sasha. NOTES: –yuretekite implies that they have been swaying for some time before she says this (as opposed to yureteiru, which indicates that it’s happening right now as she says it). Temporal indicators are hard to include while keeping the English readable. -ending the sentence with “ne” after a question indicates that Serenity… Read more »

Bara no Himitsu

Updated translation by Sasha. NOTES: –kokoro refers to the heart in a spiritual sense, mune refers to the heart as a body part. –tsubute literally means “thrown stone”; taking a small liberty here to translate this line as a reference to Tuxedo Mask throwing roses.