Chapter 1: Sailor V is Born!

We are proud to release this chapter of the Codename: Sailor V “re-print” manga; Volume 1: Sailor V is Born!

Codename: Sailor V is the prequel to Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, and follows the adventures of Aino Minako as a crime fighter. This chapter features Minako’s first encounter with Artemis, the story behind her red ribbon, her first love, and her transformation into the sailor-suited soldier of justice, Sailor V!

This is a classic read and a must-have download for fans everywhere. We haven’t localized anything (except currency) and we explain any and all Japanese cultural references for the novice Japanophile.

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Athletic, spirited junior high school student Aino Minako wants nothing more than to deliver a love letter to her crush Higashi. But life has other plans for young Minako – she’s actually destined to become the sailor-suited superheroine Sailor V, guardian of the planet Venus, who uses her powers of love and beauty to fight evil!

It all starts with a strange white cat named Artemis, who gets in the way of Minako’s somersault in gym class, then follows her both to cram school and later to her house. Minako wants nothing to do with the annoying cat – after all, he must be a pervert if he’s sneaking in her house at bath time! But Artemis’s superior, the unseen, mysterious Boss, ensures Artemis that Minako is the chosen one they’ve been searching for, so one way or another, Artemis will have to convince the unwilling Minako to take up her destined role.

Minako, weirded out by Artemis’s visit to her house the previous night where he told her of her destiny, goes through with her plan to deliver her love letter to Higashi, whose lunch spot her brainy friend Hikaru has discovered. But, much to her surprise, she finds Higashi with another girl, Hanada. Her crush doesn’t even have feelings for her!

But, as it happens, Higashi is not what he seems. He’s really Narcissus, an agent of evil who uses his charm to seduce women and turn them into his devoted slaves! Something, or someone, evil is trying to gain a foothold in Tokyo…but what? Who?

Narcissus reveals his true self, to Minako’s shock, and almost captures Minako herself. Artemis comes to the rescue with a transformation pen. Minako transforms into Sailor V, defeating Narcissus with a mighty Crescent Beam.

Sailor V has arrived! What will happen next for the masked heroine? Time will tell.

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  1. campsomewhere

    On page 35 (image #33 here), when Minako is transforming, does she really say “I’m getting so wet?” It seems like she would be saying “I’m getting so hot” or something similar, because she’s filling up with power. Is the translation correct and purposely has weird connotations, or is it correct and I have my brain in the gutter, or is it a typo?
    Thanks for these scanlations, anyway! They’re so clear and crisp, and the dialogue feels so natural. Much appreciated!


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