Act 2: Ami – Sailor Mercury

We are proud to release this chapter of the Sailor Moon “re-print” manga; Act 2: Ami – Sailormercury!

This act features the transformation story of Mizuno Ami into Sailor Mercury! This is a classic read and a must-have download for fans everywhere. We haven’t localized anything (except currency) and we explain any and all Japanese cultural references for the novice Japanophile.

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Being a soldier of love and justice isn’t as easy as it looks, just ask Usagi Tsukino! In one day her life has turned upside-down, being forced to fight against an unknown enemy who is willing to kill and terrorize in order to find the Silver Crystal.

Even more incredible, Usagi is advised by Luna – a cat who can talk! Luna seems to have a mission in mind for the simple girl, but Usagi wants nothing more than to eat sweets and play video games. With such vicious enemies lurking around Tokyo, is a transforming into Sailor Moon enough to stop them?

At school, all eyes are on genius Ami Mizuno – who got a perfect score on the mock exam, again! Students are desperate for ways to increase their marks to become like Ami, and a new after school program called Crystal Seminar offers classes with lessons on the computer.

Suspiciously, all the students attending the Crystal Seminar are becoming more and more lifeless as they attend lessons – could this be the enemy at work?

Usagi befriends Ami, but Ami is so focused on her studies she skips having fun to go to Crystal Seminar! She leaves behind a computer disc and Luna quickly discovers that the Crystal Seminar is actually teaching a brainwashing curriculum!

How will Usagi stop the enemy this time when they are using the thing she hates most (homework!)? Is Ami an innocent bystander to the enemy’s reign of terror, or is her unnatural intellect due to something more sinister?

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  1. Celestial

    Hello. I just downloaded this chapter on .pdf but it opens me the pdf in a web window, I downloaded it so why it doesnt save it in my computer instead?

    • MarioKnight

      Some browsers will open the file directly rather than download it to your system. Right-click the link and click “Save link As..” or an option similar to that, which will bring up a dialog box to choose what folder you would like to save to.

  2. rafaela

    Hello I need to identify a trope from these act. and a quote related to it, please. I’ll appreciate it.


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