Act 3: Rei – Sailor Mars

We are proud to release the next installment of the Sailor Moon “re-print” manga; Act 3: Rei – Sailormars!

This act features the transformation story of Hino Rei into Sailor Mars! This is a classic read and a must-have download for fans everywhere. We haven’t localized anything (except currency) and we explain any and all Japanese cultural references for the novice Japanophile.

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Usagi’s duty as a soldier of love and justice just got a little easier – her new friend Ami transformed into Sailor Mercury using a pen she won at the Crown Game Center!

Recently, students have been going missing on the “Devil’s 6 O’Clock Bus” at Sendai Hill. The strange disappearances have the public and Usagi’s classmates worried – where could all of these people be taken? Rumors suggest a mysterious “fifth slope” at Sendai Hill – taking the riders into a phantom dimension!

Ami and Usagi take the suspicious bus and notice the beautiful shrine maiden Rei Hino of T.A. Girls Academy, who works at her family’s temple near Sendai Hill. Luna overhears that Rei has a sixth sense – could she be an enemy? Those who visit Hikawa shrine are becoming frustrated because Rei cannot help to locate the missing children.

When Rei uses her mysterious powers with fire, she foresees a man harming Usagi! When she sees the driver of the bus at Sendai Hill is that same man, Rei instantly pursues the bus.

Usagi decides to take Luna for a visit to Hikawa Shrine, but on the bus to Sendai Hill she runs into that jerk again! His real name is Mamoru Chiba, an 11th grade student at Moto Azabu High School. He almost heard Luna talking and discovered their secret – but that was forgotten quickly because when Usagi arrived she saw Rei unconscious on the 6 o’clock bus!

Usagi transforms into a stewardess to catch the bus – but as she gets on the bus disappears into a deep, dark hole. From Sendai Hill, Luna and Ami can tell that Usagi is actually in an alternate dimension! Can Sailor Moon defeat the enemy and escape from the alternate dimension? Will Rei Hino prove to be an ally – or a dangerous enemy?

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