Act 6: Tuxedo Mask – Tuxedo Mask

We are proud to release the next installment of the Sailor Moon “re-print” manga; Act 6: Tuxedo Mask – Tuxedo Mask!

This act gives us our first bit of back story for the character Chiba Mamoru AKA Tuxedo Mask. This is a classic read and a must-have download for fans everywhere. We haven’t localized anything (except currency) and we explain any and all Japanese cultural references for the novice Japanophile.

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With Makoto Kino as Sailor Jupiter by their side, the team of soldiers is complete! All that is left for them is to find the princess and the Silver Crystal. Luna bestows the responsibility of being a leader upon Usagi, and gives her a moon stick – just like Sailor V!

Lately Usagi has been having more haunting dreams about the Silver Crystal, and her dreams blend into reality when Tuxedo Mask publicly announces he is looking for the Silver Crystal! The entire nation of Japan is looking for the rare gem that is purported to be hidden somewhere within it’s borders – creating a tense competition to find the Silver Crystal first.

The strong energy of the people devoting their time to searching for the crystal attracts the enemy, and they begin their operation to brainwash people using televised news! Usagi and the others are highly suspicious when experts like “Professor Izono” appear on TV claiming to know about the Silver Crystal – how is that possible?

Luna reveals that she and the princess have come from a very unconventional place – and that it is critical they find the crystal first! As the enemy continues to attack the town, everyone rapidly starts losing energy and fainting! Usagi can’t make it to meet up with the others and faints – who can wake her?

It’s going to take great strength to revive the entire city, and the soldiers are already weakened from the attack. The warmth of encouragement from Luna and Tuxedo Mask fills Usagi with hope, but is that enough to bring everyone back? What will happen to Usagi when she uses all of her strength?

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