Act 60: Stars 11

We are proud to release the final installment of the Sailor Moon “re-print” manga; Act 60: Stars 11!

In this act, the battle ends and we see the aftermath. This is a classic read and a must-have download for fans everywhere. We haven’t localized anything (except currency) and we explain any and all Japanese cultural references for the novice Japanophile.

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20 Responses to “Act 60: Stars 11”

  1. Yorda

    Could someone please tell me what exactly happens at the end of this? I know Usagi and Mamoru get married, but I’m not sure how they exactly got there.

    • a random person

      so the guardian of the cauldran thing sent them all back to the earth to their normal lives. Or she sent them to where they would be together. When sailor moon wakes up she thinks everything that just happened with the crystals and the stars was a dream. Their was most likely also a bit of a time skip because i think that when usagi has chibiusagi she 22.

      • Jo

        she didn’t forget. the cauldron sent her back to her life cuz she chose to continue living the life she had. and this was probably a time skip since she had chibi usa a bit later. and she was still 17 when the last battle took place. how i know she didnt forget? she knows her daughter will become a future sailor scout. mamoru also knows there will be future sailor scouts. everyone including the outer tenshis attended her wedding.

  2. Clarissa

    Hi! I’m just a little confused with one of the scenes near the end. Who is the woman that the Guardian Cosmos is talking about that brings the ’empty husk of a fledgling star’ and then sacrifices her life into the cauldron? Who is the fledgling star? Thanks in advance!

  3. Aimee

    So… I’ve, for the most part, understood what transpired in this final Act, but one thing puzzles me. On the very last page where Mamoru is saying that Usagi is the “most beautiful shining star of all” it shows Sailor Cosmos and Usagi in her wedding gown side-by-side.

    Does this mean that Sailoe Cosmos (after Usagi caused Chaos to become so small within the cauldron and having Guardian Cosmos bring herself and those she loves to the place where they can be together again) has become the true Sailor Cosmos, or is it signifying that Usagi and Sailor Cosmos’ powers have merged, making them one?

    • Ace

      I think the last scene had Eternal Sailor Moon and Usagi side by side, not Sailor Cosmos… at least according to the fuku.

  4. Vv

    What in the world?.

    So is CbiCbi pretening to be Usagi now?.. i thiught Usagi died?

    So who is Momoru marrying???

    Im so lost. So somehow Usagi is alive and Chibichibi/chomos just whet home?.

    But Cosmose said the new* sailor Cosmose is now eternal sailor moon?.. as in she herself is nolonger Cosmose?. Then is She the one that gets married?…

    Like witch sailor moon is dead and wihich one when back to the future and who got married?.. there is only two of them at this esact time right?.

    • cp

      ChibiChibi was a form of Sailor Cosmos. Usagi didn’t die when she sacrificed herself in the cauldron. Instead, all of the star seeds went back to their home planets and by the time they reached their planets and home time, they were back to normal (which happened when they all arrived in the 30th century). Mamoru married Usagi since they were in the 30th century (reference “I felt a star that is about to be born” she is talking about ChibiUsa). There is only 1 Usagi. Sailor Cosmos is the ULTIMATE DISTANT FUTURE form of Eternal Sailor Moon.

      • RendaH

        yup. This is exactly what happened. Sailor moon, Chibi Chibi, sailor cosmos are all Usagi Tsukino at different time period.

        • Senaharuka

          I don’t think that’s true, Sailor Cosmos seems more of a distant offspring, as the hairstyle is different. Only Queen Serenity and Usagi have the same hairstyle.
          I think there’s an eventual evolution of “Sailor Moon” to the point the title becomes “Sailor Cosmos”… If she were Usagi, the moment Usagi sacrificed everything to save the galaxy Sailor Cosmos should have faded as the path would have changed… Her personality seems different from Usagi’s too, she lacked the strength Usagi seems to inherently have within her to persevere.

        • Gregory Lambert

          Ceres asks her if she is a distant future version of Sailor Moon, which she is (though she defers from answering), much like how Usagi is a future reincarnation of Princess Serenity who existed and died on the Moon Kingdom. Eternal Sailor Moon eventually becomes Neo Queen Serenity and loses her powers as a Sailor Soldier, but she can clearly do other things, like revive Crystal Tokyo, wield the Silver Crystal, and grant the Sailor Guardians new powers. The concept of her losing her powers as a Sailor Soldier is likely more that she doesn’t transform into Sailor Moon anymore (much like how Queen Serenity guarded Earth, but didn’t transform as a Sailor Soldier). Regardless, Sailor Cosmos is an incarnation of Usagi long after her time as Neo Queen Serenity in some distant, distant future. Assumably, it’s long after Usagi has died as Neo Queen Serenity and is eventually reborn in a new life, since the Sailor Crystals are eternal.

  5. Ricky Nguyen

    So, Usagi and the others are brought back to life when Guardian Cosmos revived them or something? I know that Usagi chose to continue living her current life with her friends and family back on Earth, so they were brought back there?

    • Jo

      yup. she explicitly chose to not have a new life or be reborn again she wants the life shes been living with everyone. she knows they feel the same even if they have to overcome more troubles in the future they want the life theyre currently living. so she gets to continue her life and make it her own to get to where she’ll be in the future. the bed scene and the wedding happened after a time skip since she had chibiusa a bit later on and she was only 17 when the last battle happened. i think the “dream” confuses people but she probably had a dream about the past or the future but its become a bit hazy to her now maybe because of the timeskip

  6. No one

    Wait if Sailor Cosmos is usagi’s far far future self then who’s mamoru’s far far future self then? I mean usagi litteraly said she can’t live without him tho…


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