Ami’s First Love

Done in collaboration with our dear friend Icera of Neo Nobility, this is the second release in a series of joint projects are doing with Icera for the side-stories.

Ami’s First Love is a one-shot short story revolving around Ami’s journey during the Exam Battles to gain entrance into a good high school. Her story is a comedy, focusing on Ami’s obsession with another genius who goes by the alias “Mercurius” and keep tying with Ami on the national mock exam results. Ami’s obsession with Mercurius and beating him leads to some pretty cute shenanigans.

Many thanks to Icera for the following: raw providing, editing, typesetting, and for being the driving force behind this project.

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  1. Ann

    Cute! Better than the movie! Ami’s my second favorite Sailor Moon character. Cuz she’s cute and adorable! My first is Minako,3rd Chibiusa and 4th Usagi!


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