Chibiusa’s Picture Diary #1

Done in collaboration with our dear friend Icera of Neo Nobility, this is the first release in a series of joint projects we are doing with Icera for the side-stories.

The Chibiusa Picture Diaries are a series of short stories that focus on the adventures of Chibiusa. They appear in both the original Japanese print manga, the re-print Japanese manga, as well as in the English-language version of the manga published by Tokyopop and Mixx comics. However, as the official English language translations for the short stories are somewhat problematic, we have undertaken a project to finish them all up and offer them online in a high quality, digitally remastered format for your downloading pleasure.

Many thanks to Icera for the following: raw providing, editing, typesetting, and for being the driving force behind this project. <3 download: gallery images
download: .pdf

Or, read our manga snark edition!


Transferring to a new school is hard, especially the 4th grade. What makes it harder is being Chibiusa Tsukino, Girl from the future. Chibiusa, recently transferred makes new friends with gregarious Momoko Momohara and snarky Kyusuke Sarashina. Rocky startings aside, the new student Lyrica Hubert is a wondrous mystery. With snow-white skin, and a draw for the boys, the Country U Ambassador’s daughter seems to be a little less than independent.Upon writing her assigned picture journal at home, chitter chatter of her classmates, the mysteries of the Country U embassy unfold. The next day of class, a student goes missing! Last seen with Lyrica, Ishihara has vanished! The whole day continues and it feels wrong.Next day, same thing! Another Boy Missing! Lyrica is missing as well! Finally found, she’s definitely doing something odd! After school, Chibiusa consults the sailor team. Conclusion: Vampire? After talks, theories, and deliberately scaring Chibiusa, Makoto decides to make Yakuniku, full of Garlic to fend her off! Full of garlic-y breath, Chibiusa arrives the next day to find Lyrica absent! They’re asked to take her assignments, and off to the Embassy they go! Momo is nervious, Kyusuke, is aloof, and Sorano is dragged along.

7 Responses to “Chibiusa’s Picture Diary #1”

  1. Sailor Elsa

    I. LOVE. SAILOR. MOON. btw does anyone else know that they remade the anime? this time it goes along with the manga. episode 5 is already out. you can find it on hulu+ .its great!

    • Sailor Flower

      You’re right the new anime Sailor moon crystal is pretty good I hope it ends well. I can’t wait for episode 13

  2. Sailor Flower

    I loved it all the girls are in it. we also get to see sailor v and sailor moon fight and spend time together.

  3. Sailor Crystal Moon

    I read the fifth page… Your translation was even more funny than the one I have at home.


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