Chibiusa’s Picture Diary #4

Done in collaboration with our dear friend Icera of Neo Nobility, this is the second release in a series of joint projects are doing with Icera for the side-stories.

The Chibiusa Picture Diaries are a series of short stories that focus on the adventures of Chibiusa. They appear in both the original Japanese print manga, the re-print Japanese manga, as well as in the English-language version of the manga published by Tokyopop and Mixx comics. However, as the official English language translations for the short stories are somewhat problematic, we have undertaken a project to finish them all up and offer them online in a high quality, digitally remastered format for your downloading pleasure.

Many thanks to Icera for the following: raw providing, editing, typesetting, and for being the driving force behind this project. <3 download: gallery images
download: .pdf

Normal summer morning to go shopping! Nothing could go wrong, could it? Of course it could, this is Sailor Moon, we’re not that dumb! As Hotaru meets up with Chibiusa, Usagi and Mamoru tag along. Ah, but wait there’s supposed to be two more? Oh lawd, the two that are late roll up in a Jeep, Sitting on the rails! Naruru and Ruruna arrive! They’re full of Kogai slang, and are constantly confusing Hotaru with it, much to the chagrin of Chibiusa’s translation. Hotaru gets jealous, and then…. tug of war, witch Chibiusa happily interrupts! Naruru and Ruruna totally obviously want to go to the pawn shop! Hotaru is mystified, and Chibiusa explains it’s a place where you can get most of anything! On the way in a poor man is being knocked around by some delinquent thugs! Ow! Right on the floor! Chibiusa checks on him and he says he’s ok and shuffles in the store. Inside, the girls see the sparkly of the interior. Naruru and Ruruna completely fawn over the store’s selection of Chanel and and Gucci. Hotaru, again asks what’s up, and the two girls explain the basic history of two of the most famous fashion brands in the world! (Shame on you Hotaru!) More Kogai slang surfaces, confusing pretty much everyone but Chibiusa. Hotaru calls them old school (this is bad?) and then the chattering of the shop draws them over. Their eyes are drawn to an ecchi life-size model of Sailor V. (Chibiusa swears to tell Minako, which is funny because she’s actually enjoy it, that pervert) Then Naruru and Ruruna total freak over the new cosplay Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury fuku! They get a very harsh title of “Otaku” from Hotaru, and fight over it! The owner of the shop peek around the corner to check in, and is glad what he sees. The 18th generation of the shop, he loves to serve cute girls and make them happy. The next day, those ruffian’s are back! And they say they now own the land! Oh no! They even start the bulldozers up! Uh oh!

4 Responses to “Chibiusa’s Picture Diary #4”

  1. Niha

    But…how did Chibiusa jump from 2nd grade to 6th grade whereas Usagi is still perhaps in the 9th or 10th grade?

  2. Niha

    But… how did Chibiusa jump from 2nd grade to 6th grade whereas Usagi is still perhaps in the 9th or 10th grade?


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