Miss Dream Rebooted

Welcome back! After a month’s hiatus, we are back on a new CMS platform and ready for action!

First, you’ll notice the fabulous new layout. Sincere thanks and tons of gratitude to simplySailor Moon for doing the manga coloring used in the sidebar graphics; the lovely lady spent lots of time on the project and I think it came out fantastic.

And now, without further adieu, here are this week’s new additions:


  1. Border Between Silence and Death
  2. JOINT PROJECT – Delicate Planet
  3. JOINT PROJECT – Cockpit Shorts Pack 3

Both joint projects were done in collaboration with Rebecca of Isshou-ni.net– a wonderful new Sailor Moon site with lots of awesome, unique features and a wonderful webmistress. I definitely recommend giving this place a visit! We are looking forward to working with Rebecca again in the future.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

  1. Act 12 – direct download | torrent
  2. JOINT PROJECT – DJ Moon 2

Please enjoy our latest PGSM episode release, as well as a full download of DJ Moon 2. We worked in collaboration with Sailor Moon German on the DJ Moon 2 album, which features translations of each track as well as a full translation of the sketch dialogues. Very cute and funny stuff – if you haven’t listened to the whole CD with a translation before, you are in for a treat!

As we move forward with Miss Dream, we have decided to implement a couple of changes to how we’ve run things in the past.

  • The forum will become read-only, and will be used primarily for staff communication.
    (If you are looking for a new Sailor Moon forum to join, please consider two sites I am active at; The Galaxy Cauldron Forums and Sailor Moon Forum)
  • The lyrics section is getting a complete re-haul, and will be offline until we have re-configured the database structure and format.
  • Translation requests are open. Please e-mail [email protected] with your project ideas!

Monday Night Raws Announcement
Over the past month I’ve gotten LOTS of messages asking what our new Monday Nights Raw project will be. Drum roll, please!

…I have decided to be completely insane, and tear apart my 20-year-old first-print editions of the original Japanese tankouban run of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V manga series. The 21 books will be scanned in at 600 DPI; the highest quality I have offered yet, alongside obis, inserts, advertisements, posters, and other goodies. We will be releasing three volumes per week, so we’ve got 7 weeks of awesomeness to enjoy.

But in case you are bored about yet *another* edition of the Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V manga series going on the site, here’s a nice little twist: we are holding a contest!

The first person who can locate and identify an Easter Egg placed within one of the Monday Night raw downloads will win a complete set of the Sailor Moon CCG:

So check back next week for the kick-off of the Monday Night Raws project and contest!

See you this Thursday for more PGSM – we are back in action, baby! ;)

28 Responses to “Miss Dream Rebooted”

  1. Crystal

    I was curious as to where the side bar is? I’m wondering if it’s just not showing up on my computer or if, perhaps something is wrong??

      • Crystal

        I had to restart my browser.. it’s been throwing fits with pics lately >.> even though I hard wiped to cookies and saved files.. Thanks sassypants678! <3

        • sassypants678

          No problem – sorry for the confusion.

          And thank you AGAIN for the manga colorings; seriously, so gorgeous. I love your work! :)

  2. Sailor Idol

    So glad you guys are back! And I’m actually looking forward to the raw release of the original V and Moon volumes! I’ve been wanting HQ scans of the original covers, and also want to compare the art changes between the two.

    And I realize it’s a bit premature, but have you guys given any thought to what your next video release after PGSM will be?

    • sassypants678

      Yup! We’re thinking of tackling the anime head-on. I recently acquired the complete R2 set of the whole series; might be fun to do! :)

      • Sailor Idol

        Oh my God! That’d be awesome! :D I love all the translations for things you guys have done so far so to have them for the anime too would be incredible!

      • Raging Winds

        Plus you guys already have a slight headstart, since you’ve already done the first two episodes and one of the memorials!

        • sassypants678

          Definitely! But since we’ve recently purchased the R2 DVD collection, we’re thinking we may re-release the first two episodes from a newer video source. It’ll be fun in the future to tackle! :)

          • Raging Winds

            That’s a good idea. I do love HQ and the quality of the first two (while not bad) might stand out to the others. If you don’t mind me asking, I know you got the complete series, but what all does that encompass? Just the five seasons or does it include anything else? (like Specials and/or Movies?) Sorry if that’s a dumb question.

          • sassypants678

            I’ve got all files seasons, plus the movies and (I’m assuming) the specials – I haven’t looked through things thoroughly enough to determine whether or not I’ve got Ami’s First Love and the others. I’ll give you a more definitive answer tonight when I’m home and can look through everything better. :)

  3. lynn

    Wah! Really nice of you to offer the old edition as raws! Because a lot of stuff got lost through reprinting and a lot of translation projects took down their old manga translation and replaced by reprinted one… So that would be a piece of real exclusive~

    • sassypants678

      I’m glad you’re interested in this! I also wanted to provide it since it is the most -original- version, not as much editing or art style change, etc. Everything left intact from its first run, as far as I know. Maybe someday I will be crazy and buy all of the Nakayoshi magazines that the series originally was published in and scan those too, LOL!

      • Jen

        YOU DO REALIZE I AM ALREADY LOOKING FOR NAKAYOSHIS FROM BACK THEN, RIGHT? Lol There were differences in the art between the Nakayoshi version and the Tankubons!

  4. LilyGleek

    WOW Miss Dream is back!! YEAH!!! the site is beautiful!, good luck in this new web :)
    mmmm do you have the kirari super live (PGSM’ concert)?

  5. Brit-chan

    O_O sassypants678!!!! You are insane for tearing apart your first edition tankoubons for us! SO MANY CREYS FROM ME. T_____T

    And now I have to remember to always check your website because dear god I want all of those TCG sets. I never got them all and whenever I’ve looked online they are a tad bit expensive (for my current budget). Oh sassypants678, the site looks lovely! Crystal did such a great job! You two do awesome things together. :)

    Glad to see the site back up! It looks great in WP. :D

    • sassypants678

      Thanks Brit! The Easter Egg that’s included is kind of a toughie – I think if people do their research tho winning shouldn’t be a problem. YOU CAN DO IT! :)

    • sassypants678

      WordPress is a godsend compared to Drupal, which we were using before! It’s really good so far.

      Thank you for the encouragement, I shall do my best to keep up the work! ^___^ And I’m so happy to see Moon Sticks back. Huzzah!

    • sassypants678

      Thank you! :) Crystal did a fantastic job with the graphics, we couldn’t be happier. <3

  6. Raging Winds

    Oh wow! That’s quite a collection there! Glad to hear you have the movies too, and likely the specials. And sounds good! Thanks. :)


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