Monday Night Raws-March 26

Hello all you Moonies out there!

Once again, Monday Night Raws is back in action. This week, we’ve got the fourth, fifth, and sixth volumes of the original Japanese run of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon

  1. Volume 4
  2. Volume 5
  3. Volume 6

And, just as a reminder, we still have a contest running! The first one to find the Easter Egg in one of the releases, and identify it, will win a cool prize! Specifically,a complete set of the Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game!

That should do it for tonight! See you around!

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    • MarioKnight

      Hmm, that is odd. I’ve just tested these on my workstation in my office and my laptop at home, both networks had no issues. Can you try again and see if maybe it fixed itself between your post and my testing?

      • Miyuki-Moon

        I guess it did! It works now, the problem is it says:””. This isn’t the first time links have done this for me though.

        • MarioKnight

          Yeah, I’m been trying to weed out those links as I see them. Those %xx (where xx = 2 numbers) are how browsers used to handle spaces and special characters in address bars many years ago. While they are still valid and working today, they are no longer necessary and just look messy. I’m not sure how they’re being created, but I believe moving forward these should no longer be an issue.

          • Draconicsoul

            sorry, that’s me. I’m still new at this coding thing, and didn’t really get how to do the internal links. ^^; Guess I need more practice.

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