Monday Night Raws – April 16

Our apologies for the lack of updates last week — it appears that we were all rather busy. But that is in the past, and this is the present.

Here is this week’s Raw update — Volumes 10, 11, and 12 of the Tankouban run.

Sailor Moon

  1. Volume 10
  2. Volume 11
  3. Volume 12

And, keeping with the regular update, a reminder about the contest we are running. Whoever finds and identifies the Easter Egg in one of the Tankoubon prints will win a full set of the Sailor Moon CCG.

That’s all for today’s update! Enjoy!

8 Responses to “Monday Night Raws – April 16”

  1. Nyxity

    I only know half of it. The “scribbles” in the lower right corner is an autograph by Keiko Han, voice actress of Luna and Beryl.

  2. Nyxity

    Thank you. This is quite a surprise… O.o… I only knew what half of what was written though… what was the stuff slightly above the signature to the left?


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