Monday Night Raws: April 2nd

We’re back with another installment of Miss Dream’s Monday Night Raws!

This week, the Miss Dream Team is continuing to feature the tankoubon run of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon

  1. Volume 7
  2. Volume 8
  3. Volume 9

As per usual, I’d like to take this time to remind all of you out there that we’ve still got that contest running. The first person to find and identify the Easter Egg in one installment of this series of releases will win the complete set of the Sailor Moon CCG.

That’s all for tonight, see you again!

13 Responses to “Monday Night Raws: April 2nd”

    • sassypants678

      Sorry about that! I’ve reuploaded and re-created the archive from scratch – please let me know if it’s working on your end this time. Should have 200 pages + cover, insert, and poster.

  1. Nyxity

    Pages 05-09 in Volume 7 have English translations written beside the Japanese? (Well, page 5 is a romanization…)

    • lynn

      Wow, maybe that’s the easter egg, afret all? *__* Maybe they were taking notes in the tankoubon while translating? :D

    • sassypants678

      These were written in when I bought the volumes – I plan to replace those pages with “clean” scans in the near future, just waiting on a graphical designer to edit out the ugly text.

      These are not the Easter Eggs.

  2. Wolf

    Hello, i was curious as to how the new ISP CCI monitering scheme being implemted this july will effect fansubbers like your self?

    Any comment or insight?


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