Monday Night Raws: Artbooks + More!

Hi everyone!

As an insert between two major raw projects, this week I thought I’d share scans of the Sailor Moon art books I own:

Art Books:

  1. Kodansha’s Ketteiban Sailor Moon Artbook
  2. Nakayoshi’s Anime Album Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S Volume 1
  3. Nakayoshi’s Sailor Moon R Movie Memorial Album

My collection is by no means complete, though I do hope to add more volumes in the future :)

Additionally, I found something by luck: a copy of the ultra-rare novel Atashi no Wagamama wo Kiite, written by Marie Koizumi and illustrated by Sailor Moon’s author, Naoko Takeuchi. I managed to snag the book for $3, even though copies are selling on eBay for $60! I consider this an act of fate, so I have decided to share my fortune with the internet.

Other Stories by Naoko Takeuchi

  1. Atashi no Wagamama wo Kiite

That’s all for today. Enjoy the super high-res scans! See you on Thursday.

8 Responses to “Monday Night Raws: Artbooks + More!”

  1. Dianne

    Ah! That artbook is part of the Ketteiban series. Ban, not han. ;D

    Thanks for the upload! I bought my R movie memorial album second hand and somebody drew boobs in the back of my copy lol.

    • MarioKnight

      Thank you for pointing this typo out, I have gone ahead and fixed the filename, link, and folder name in the archive. I apologize in advance for those people whose downloads I killed in the past 5 minutes. ^^;;; However the file is good now, download away!

      • Dianne

        XD I do too! My problem is song titles. There are so many damn Sailor Moon songs I have to double check if I’m a) spelling it right and b) even referencing the correct song.

  2. Nyxity

    Think one day you’ll try to translate the articles and interesting tidbits? Summaries are probably unnecessary considering the anime…

    • sassypants678

      I am hoping to. I want to collect all the books first and then I’ll work on translating through them. There’s some really awesome information in them that I don’t think has made it online yet! At least not to the English speaking world.


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