Donation Drive


Founding graphical designer Yen-sama’s computer has bitten the dust. To this end, we have three entire books worth of translated material that we are unable to get online.

To raise funds Yen has taken to selling lots of her Sailor Moon merchandise, but she is still about $200 short of what she needs to purchase a new computer to get back to work.

Over the years Yen has worked tirelessly to get Miss Dream’s scanlations online. Without her, there would be no Miss Dream. Period. None of the stuff you can download and enjoy at this site would be here if not for Yen’s encouragement and years of hard work.

Please consider donating to Yen’s ChipIn campaign or purchasing something from her sales page. The sooner we can get this money raised, the sooner the Miss Dream project can get almost 600 pages of translated material online for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you in advance for helping us in our time of need. We really do appreciate it – and we look forward to releasing more manga goodies for download soon!

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