Miss Dream Monday- Project Animanga

Hello, Miss Dreamers!

We’ve got volumes four through six of the Nakayoshi Animanga for you today.

  1. Volume 4
  2. Volume 5
  3. Volume 6

That’s all for today’s update, so enjoy!

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      • YnK

        I’m not sure about the exact numbers because they’re not always present on the pages themselves, but I tried to figure them out based on the incomplete scenes.

        Volume 4: missing page 5 (maybe also something before it) and pages 8-9.
        Volume 5: missing pages 7-9, seems to miss pages 16-17 (the part where Usagi talks to Naru), pages 20-23, 26-27, 46-47 (end of ep.23), 84-85, 90-93, 96-97, some pages after 137 (end of ep.25).
        Volume 6: missing pages 44-49, 112-113, 124-127, 136-139 (the part where they heal Yumemi).


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