Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 21

It’s Toku Thursday! And so begins the Darkury Arc…

Today, please enjoy Act 21 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon:

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9 Responses to “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 21”

  1. Miki

    Thanks for the release, but I think you forgot the opening translation in this release. ;-) It’s the same situation like Act 16, so now two episodes need a v2.

  2. sassypants678

    Hmm, that’s strange. On the copy I am viewing, there are translations for the opening before the song plays. Are you talking about something else maybe?

    • Miki

      I downloaded Act 21 via DDL and Torrent, but both versions are missing the translation of the song “Kirari Sailor Dream”. The normal subtitles are OK.

      • sassypants678

        So the karaoke needs to be inserted. Okie dokes. Not super high priority but I’ll get it fixed in our archive version which we’ll release after we’ve finished subbing all the episodes. :)

  3. Mónica

    Sorry, do you upload the raws when you finish a series subtitled in English and will be the same type of video?
    Thank you very much for everything, greetings from Peru.


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