Monday Night Raws – June 11

It’s that time again! Miss Dream Monday Night Raws is back!

We’ve got volumes 7-9 of Nakayoshi’s Sailor Moon animanga for you today.

  1. Volume 7
  2. Volume 8
  3. Volume 9


6 Responses to “Monday Night Raws – June 11”

  1. Katy

    Hello! I think there’s something wrong with volume 9. When I tried to un-rar it, it said there was a failure and only up to page 45 got unarchived. I tried redownloading it and I got the same results!

    • sassypants678

      Thanks for the heads up – it looks like the file we uploaded became corrupted during transfer. I am fixing it now and will comment again when it is resolved. Sorry about this!

      • sassypants678

        And the file is fixed! I have re-uploaded, re-downloaded, and tested the heck out of volume 9 now. Let me know if you experience any more trouble. :)

  2. Blue

    Hi! I love this project ^^ Thanks ;)
    Is there a chance I’ll see in the future a miss dream translation of these animangas??? :D


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