Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 23

It’s Toku Thursday! Well, was until an hour ago. Oops. ^^;; We’re sorry for the delay, and are ready to start posting more acts again!

Today, please enjoy Act 23 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon:

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I am proud to announce our affiliation with the popular website, Sailor Moon Center, as well as our involvement in the Deimos Project!

Sailor Moon Center has been a pillar of the online Sailor Moon community for years, and we are excited for the opportunity to work more closely with them in the future. Stay tuned! :)

6 Responses to “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 23”

  1. michirusan

    Good news. Always loved SMC.

    I noticed that, after watching a few PGSM episodes, the video size has dropped from 640×480 (act 1) to 620×480 (act 20). Is there a reason for that?

    Also, umm, probably asking too much but would it be possible to retain the existing AC3 than converting to mp3? I just love the audio of PGSM.

    • sassypants678

      It has to do with how the DVDs themselves are interlaced. We had to change encoding – slightly – to accommodate for the change in discs. I’m shocked anyone even noticed!

      As for the audio, we usually do make .ac3 rips for our own use but release as .mp3 since that’s the standard format. We can certainly release .ac3 encodes in the future if there’s enough interest in that. :)

      • michirusan

        Haha that’s because I don’t have a standalone player that plays the codec and subtitles accurately and whenever I watch mkv on my computer, I like to read about how it was encoded and stuff. Nonetheless, good work sassypants678/Marioknight and definitely a big step forward from TN’s releases back in those days (can’t believe there’s so much hiss in the TV rips as I thought they sounded so good on my receiver). But, yeah, higher mp3 bitrate or original ac3 would be great. It is just cool to hear Dark Mercury’s and Princess Moon’s voices in the full glory.

  2. KnittyKitty

    do you guys have a link to download all the acts as one file, or a page where i can find all the acts for individual download?



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