Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Event: Live Talk Show Stream on NicoNico Douga!


Next Friday, Niconico douga will be doing a live stream of a commemorative talk show to celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary. Guests will include Mitsuishi Kotono, Furuya Tooru, and Naoko Takeuchi’s personal handler from Kodansha, Fumio Osano! The event will be moderated by NHS (Japan Broadcasting)’s very own announcer, Yoshida Naoki.

In preparation for the event, I have gone ahead and translated the promotional webpages advertising the talk show.

english version | JPN

english version | JPN

english version | JPN

Many have already asked me if Miss Dream plans to release a fansubbed version of this broadcast.
The answer is an ecstatic, “YES!”

The promos promise that a “surprise announcement” will be made during this live broadcast. We will have a fully translated, downloadable version of the event available as soon as humanly possible after the original airing on Niconico.

Many thanks to staff member Anthylorrel for doing emergency graphical design to get this online right away!
Thanks for visiting, and have a great day! This sure is a great way to kick off the weekend! :)

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