The Miss Dream headquarters is moving location – and in order to downsize the amount of stuff we have in our humble abode, we are holding an online garage sale!

Payment is accepted via Paypal. All items are on a first-come, first serve basis.
Whoever pays first is “first come”

Price of shipping is not included in the cost of each individual item.
I will combine shipping for the purchase of multiple items.
Shipping will be USPS Media Mail unless otherwise specified.

Comment below to buy items!
Prices are negotiable.
Paypal address: [email protected] for payment!
Otherwise, I will send the items to the next waiting offer!


Love Hina Kodansha BILINGUAL comics vol 1 – $2
Card Captor Sakura Kodansha BILINGUAL comics vol 4 – $2 SOLD
Saint Tail Tokyopop – $5
Onegai Teacher Volume 1 – $2
Onegai Teacher Volume 2 – $2

Magic Knight Rayearth Volume 2 Complete Box Set Tokyopop – $10 SOLD
Sailor Moon SuperS Volume 2 DEBOUND – $1 SOLD

Sailor Moon S Pioneer Signature Series: volumes 1, 3, and 5 – $5 each; all three for $10 SOLD
Akira: $3
Cardcaptors: The Movie – $3 SOLD
Tenchi: The Movie 2 – $3 SOLD
Super Mario Super Show: $1
Z.O.E. – $1 each – all four for $3 – SOLD

Kare Kano Volume 1 – $3
Love Hina Volume 1 – $3
Marmalade Boy vols 3 & 4 – $3 each or both for $5 SOLD
Yotsuba 1-4 – $3 each or the entire set for $10

178 Responses to “GARAGE SALE!”

  1. Miriam L.

    Hello, I just want to kno it’s Only for USA I’m interest on the Cherry Project Manga, but I’m from Mexico. =/ I just want to know….if I pay for the sheep. Thanks!!!

    • sassypants678

      Binding on these is in good condition; these were my duplicates that I never attempted to scan or anything like that :)

      None of the pages are falling out and they are in really good condition. Just normal shelf wear since they are nearly 10 years old :)

      If you want them, my paypal is [email protected], and your total will be $25. Thanks! :)

  2. JD

    Hey, this is awesome, Ell! I’m interested in the following:

    *Sailor Stars Volume 1 Manga (just to make sure, this was never debounded, was it)

    *Sailor Moon S Pioneer DvDs [do these include Japanese audio/Eng subs and what condition are the discs in (any scratches, marks, smudges, etc)]

    *Sailor Moon R Memorial Album

    I believe the total cost for those would be $30, correct? Let me know if they’re still available, hun, and I’d be more than happy to take them off of your hands :) Btw, is this the whole garage sale?

    • sassypants678

      Ksassypants678 may be buying the Sailor Stars manga; if she decides not to get it, it’s yours!

      The artbook has also been sold. D:

      As for the S DVDs, everything but volume 5 is in brand-new condition. Volume 5 is a little smudgy (which I can clean before I send out) and is missing the inner insert advertisement. :)

      If you still want the DVDs your total is $15 total :)
      You can paypal me: [email protected] :)

          • JD

            Okay cool. I was curious about the SMR artbook though. It doesn’t look like it was requested until after my request, which was at 1:40 :/ I’m not sore about it, just curious how it was sold before I inquired about it. No worries! Looking forward to the status update on the Stars manga. Do you know if you’ll hear back from her today?

          • sassypants678

            Honestly not sure. If I don’t receive payment from someone within 24 hours the item will go to the next person waiting for it, which in this case is you. :)

        • sassypants678

          The manga has been sold. If you are still interested in the DVDs, please let me know! :)

  3. Sarah

    Would you be willing to hold the 3 Sailor V manga till Thursday? If so, how much would shipping be to Perth, Western Australia?
    If you can’t hold them, it’s ok I understand :)

  4. Katarina

    Can you hold Card Captor Sakura: The Movie, and the Sailor Moon picture book? :3
    I will gladly pay tonight! :3

  5. Caity

    Kodansha’s Ketteiban Sailor Moon Artbook – $5
    Nakayoshi’s Anime Album Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S Volume 1 – $5
    Nakayoshi’s Sailor Moon R The Movie Memorial Album – $5

    I’m interested in any of these if they are left :)

    • Anay

      And also the comic book of card captor sakura is there any left and how do i go of buying them??

      • sassypants678

        The movie is sold, but the manga is still available.

        Paypal me $5 for the book and shipping and it’s yours! :)

  6. Asunachan

    “Sailor V, original tankoubon print COMPLETE volumes 1-3: REBOUND AFTER SCANNING – $10 for the whole set”
    Is that it? The three volumes for $10+shipping??? *O*

    You can check the shipping to Brazil? :D
    I need to inform my zip code for you to check the freight?

  7. Carlos

    I’m interested in the 1st season of sailor moon
    How can I pay for this, and how much would shipping be?