PGSM Act 27 + More

Happy Toku Thursday! Ready for your viewing pleasure is Act 27 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Sailor Luna is on the scene!

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Additionally, we have some new print media translations available!

Check out these new, more adult-themed doujinshi: Golden Deity, Sailor Moon Lawnmower Special, and Scarlet Rainbow Over the Moon.

Also check out Naoko Takeuchi’s children’s story, Big Boonuu and Little Boonu.

That’s all for today – enjoy!

12 Responses to “PGSM Act 27 + More”

  1. jurirenee

    wonderful for the doujinshi translations. some new stories and new drawing styles with Sailor Moon are always refreshing for old fans like me. Thank you!

    • sassypants678

      Glad you like them! Doujinshi are a pain to translate because of the handwriting, but lots of people love them!

    • sassypants678

      It’s really great stuff! I have a few other books by that group that I may translate in the future :)

  2. Joe

    Big Boonuu and Little Boonuu… lol. Naoko Takeuchi is definitely creative, that one was kind of “out there” though. Then again, a lot of American children’s books are pretty weird too.

    • sassypants678

      I love going to the children’s section at Kinokuniya. There’s a book you can find in almost every store: Everybody Poops. Which is a long, descriptive book about pooping. :)

  3. SailorMacchu

    You can take all your time without any trouble, it would be nice if it was one episode per month, because I’m translating into Spanish and do you take seriously this time of the subtitles. Thank you very much for this, and eternally grateful I send you greetings from Peru. Take care and a hug from a distance.

  4. Moonie From Downunder

    Hey sassypants678, could you please tell me the name of the font (or a download link to it) you have to install for the PGSM subs to display correctly? I know it’s been mentioned before but I can’t find anything about it (I think it was in one of the PGSM posts from before the site got changed around).

    Thanks :)

    P.S. Great job with Oboonuu & Chiibonuu :)


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