Miss Dream Monday–August 13

Happy Miss Dream Monday!

We’ve got the final three volumes of the Sailor Moon animanga, which covers the end of the SuperS arc of the anime.


  1. Volume 4
  2. Volume 5
  3. Volume 6

Unfortunately, Nakayoshi never released an animanga for the Stars season, so this is it for the animanga project.

With this update, we are now finished with the release of the Nakayoshi Animanga. That said, we are currently running low on projects to release. sassypants678 has some magazines on order that should arrive later this month, but at the moment? We don’t have any large projects lined up.

We’ll still be releasing PGSM for Toku Thursdays,=, but our print releases may slow down for the near future.

Thank you for your continued support!

14 Responses to “Miss Dream Monday–August 13”

    • sassypants678

      If I can ever find a complete set to purchase, then yes. If I don’t have a completed set to work from, I’m not going to bother :) I hate leaving things half-done.

  1. YnK

    By any chance, do you plan on scanning the kiddie board books associated with the anime? They’re not that interesting, maybe, but it’s a rare series that covers all five seasons.

    • sassypants678

      Kind of ditto what I said to 1990 above; if I can find a complete set to purchase, then yes. If not, it’s very unlikely because I hate leaving things undone.

  2. Bikkun

    Any plans for more musicals? They badly need to be released. D: Especially with Sailor Moon Fansubs deleting almost all of them.

    • sassypants678

      There’s one more musical that’s never been translated, and that’s Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteban Marinamoon final. We are in the process of translating it right now. :D

      • Bikkun

        Any plans to release others? A lot of them have vanished from the net, especially after Sailor Moon Fansubs purged their downloads.

          • sassypants678

            No problem. I’m actually fairly sure that most of “SMFS”‘s downloads were actually from Sera Myu Antics, they just refused to give credit.

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