PGSM Act 33 + More!

Welcome back to Miss Dream Monday!

This week, please enjoy Act 33 of PGSM, right on schedule!

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Also enjoy our latest raw downloads section: Mixxzine Magazines! We now house a complete collection of all the Mixxzine issues Sailor Moon appeared in. Download here:

Issue 1-1 | Issue 1-2 | Issue 1-3 | Issue 1-4 | Issue 1-5 | Issue 1-6 | Issue 2-1

Last but certainly not least, this advertisement appeared in the October 2012 issue of Nakayoshi magazine with news regarding the 20th anniversary new anime for Sailor Moon:

Many thanks to love_jthl for the original scan!
And sincere thanks to Yen-sama, who made this English version flyer possible!

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