3rd Year Anniversary

It’s our third birthday, and we’re here to celebrate with downloadable goodies!

So here’s a nice big download of the December 2005 issue of Nakayoshi magazine, featuring the 6th and final chapter of Toki * Meca by Naoko Takeuchi. This book is almost impossible to find and hardly anyone has read the series finale to Toki * Meca because it was never released in a tankoubon like the first four were.

(for fun, here’s a bonus download of the October 2005 issue of Nakayoshi magazine; featuring well, nothing at all by Naoko Takeuchi. But I got it for $2 and couldn’t resist sharing ^_^)

To commemorate the occasion I have written a little something, detailing our plans for the future as a group. I hope you’ll all give it a read.

Thank you for continuing to support us throughout the years – this place would be nothing if not for our fans.

Drop us a comment below – we want to know what project you think we should take on next!

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