PGSM 41-43

It’s Miss Dream Monday, and we’re back with more PGSM!

Act 41: direct download | torrent
Act 42: direct download | torrent
Act 43: direct download | torrent

As most of our staff is in the path of Hurricane Sandy, our updates are a little lighter than usual our need to prepare for the storm.

We’ll be back with many more downloads next Monday, assuming that the hurricane doesn’t kill our power and our server room. :)

21 Responses to “PGSM 41-43”

  1. Miki

    Thank you again, for three new episodes. Episode 43 is another candidate for a v2, because the translation of the opening is missing.

    • sassypants678

      We had a regular rain storm – NYC and our friends there, on the other hand…wrecked. D:

  2. Moonie From Downunder

    I hope you’ve all stayed safe during the storms!
    I can’t wait to watch these, thankyou :)

    On an unrelated note, I know that chapter 6 of Toki*Meca is supposed to be the last, but it looks like there are actually 10:
    Perhaps the group who scanned the raws would let you translate them if you asked?

    Thanks again for all the Sailor Moon/Naoko Takeuchi goodies, it always makes my day checking out the new stuff :)

    • sassypants678

      Thanks! Someone else gave me this same link earlier today – already emailed the group in question to see if they still owned the magazines the raws were scanned from since I can make higher quality raws and subsequent translations. That being said, if they no longer have the magazines / aren’t willing to sell them to me, I plan on buying them myself via Yahoo!Japan auctions for my own personal collection and to eventually share on here.

      I have every intention of completing all the works of Naoko Takeuchi in their entirety and Toki * Meca is one of my favorite series so far (even though I’ve read less than half, gah!) I’ll treat this series right once I’ve got the materials to work from. Thanks for sending me the link! :D

      We are all doing well after the storms, we barely even got rain in our location. We got lucky. Our friends in NYC? Not so much. D:

      • Moonie From Downunder

        Oh okay, sorry I didn’t realize! I’m so glad to hear you weren’t affected by the storms :)


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